Ricky Ray

It really burns me that as soon as a QB is a winner gets a Cup under his belt well hot damn have to go south. But Ricky, you were not even going to start in the NFL. What was the point of going? O yea the money. Well wouldn’t be better playing than scribbling on a clipboard. Let him sweat it out. The CFL has a lot of good QBs starting and backing up. Look what happen when Dave Dickenson, who was the star really on the team. Who got them to the cup? Problem was the coach forgot too.

Should be a fun season. Let the games begin

Well there are a few CFL QB’s who actually did make it to stardom down south - Flutie and Garcia and let’s not forget Warren Moon. There was even Flutieflakes which was cool but tasted terrible. Do you think Ray, Burris, Dickenson, etc hopes and expects stardom when heading south or are they just going down to make money holding clipboards? I think getting cut is the sure indication that it’s time to come back to the CFL and let’s hope that Ray is smart enough to do that on Tuesday. Toronto, Hamilton and Winnepeg could use the talent.

Ray made $30,000 his first season with the Eskimos, and didn’t accept a raise for his option year. This was big news here! I think that proves he’s not your typical money-grubbing pro athlete, so your argument falls flat right there.

Anyways, you keep forgetting that he’s an American, and no American dreams of making it big in the CFL. They come to Canada if they still want to play football professionally. There were seven NFL teams scouting Ricky Ray in the playoffs two seasons ago. He would be stupid not to go, whether it be for money or not.

It will be some time before returning. His agent will not let him leave until all options are exhuasted. They could even wait for injuries to occur during the season. I believe you will not see him up here this year.

I agree. Ray was scouted by too many teams in his last CFL season to just be let loose from the NFL altogether. He may not dress, but I’m sure someone else will pick up his rights. I think he’ll be like Dickinson and come back in a couple of seasons if he doesn’t get an opportunity to play.

And he’s only 25, so he’s in no real hurry to play some games befre he retires altogether. Especially since most QBs don’t hit their prime until around 30.