ricky ray

I would love to see ricky ray come back, a weaker o-line, no running back, weaker receivers, an old defense, a total all around weaker team to work with than 2002. lets see what he is really made of playing with a much weaker cast. the qb gets way to much credit on a good team when they win & way to much blame when they loose.[/u][/i][/b]


Please. If Jason Maas can get 5000 yards (Warren Moon was the only other Esk QB to do the same) with the team he had last year, Ricky Ray would fit in perfectly fine here again.

You are right but I still am worried about the offensive plan that moron R D Lancaster will put together. He has failed at every stop on his tour. Heck, even dad fired him!

You better be worried, you are a Stampeder fan you’re going to lose, again.

Curldogg you can only hope now can you.

I think he was hired just be Macciocia’s water boy. Or else he’s mentoring Lancaster or something.

That’s what I hope, anyways. :?

I’m not too happy about Lancaster either, but c’mon who are you stamps guys tryin to kid? Weaker, slower, older? This will be the most competitive Esks camp in years. You guys don’t know this I realize, but they have announced about 15 new signings in the last month.

They have brought in new, YOUNG , talent at every position including kicker. I have followed this team for many years, trust me when I say that this team should be every bit as competitive as ever. If Ricky Ray does end up here we will be as solid as we have ever been.

I know the Stamps are happy to have Tom Higgins and I agree that they will be a better team this year, but let’s let them get on the field and knock heads first before we officially kick off the “battle” shall we. Like in a few weeks after I go down to camp and come back on here to confirm your worst fears about the western division.

Esks rule!


Ray Should come to the bombers and its funny how noone wants khari no more haha

The esks will suck this year because calgary’s d-fence will be a monster and pound ricky ray (or jason maas). Have fun losing you stupid esks fan cause will beat you badly in labour day.

Spoken like a true Calgary fan.

…he makes me proud not…

way to show the southern pride, numbnuts.

u guys haven’t won the labourday or labourday remathc in like 3 years… esks will win labourdays again