Ricky Ray

I would like to see Ray in Blue and Gold. oh yeah.....I can picture the W on his helmet now. Chances are he would end up in Hamilton though and don't rule out the Argos.

yes, I believe you could be right about Hamilton. They did not land Flutie and they really need a younger QB that can solidfy this offense. They can pay for it no problem.

I can see the Esks trying hard to sway Ricky Ray to sign on with them again for 2005.

If that happens, Maas will be traded to an Eastern team, and in all honesty, I think Maas would do great in Hamilton or Toronto.

But it's all speculation, so who really knows? For all we know, Ray could spend the rest of his career in the USA somewhere.

Here's my take on where Ray will end up, IF and I mean IF, he chooses to come back to Canada, in ascending order of likelihood:

BC: no way, enough controversy at QB there already;

MTL: no chance, Calvillo's the man and Matthews never lets anyone else play anyway;

OTT: could sure use him, but couldn't get him unless he agrees to be paid in Canadian Tire money;

SASK: can't see it, the brain trust seems committed to Greene;

WPG: could use him, but enough controversy brewing at QB as it is and likely can't afford him anyway;

CAL: wouldn't think so having committed to Burris, but Higgins is running the show there now so there might be some personal loyalty coming into play;

EDM: well it's where he played before, he knows Maciocia, but how that would play out with Maas and Jones is anyone's guess....could a rookie head coach handle the controversy in the press and in the locker room?

HAM: McManus should retire, he's past it; Brady may not be the Man yet, so this would be a very good fit and on top of that the owner has the money;

TOR: The other good fit. Allen has to retire sometime (doesn't he?) and they have nothing behind him (or less than nothing, if you count Bishop).

The Als could always use a good backup.

I would truly like to see him in Ottawa, even though I am an Edmonton fan. Maas deserves the starting job. The Renegades new ownership should show they care about their team by throwing their collective hats into the ring. It would be great for the team and the league.

You know, as much as I would love for Ray to be here in Edmonton he would be a saviour in Ottawa. Young, talented, marketable. A guy they could truly build the franchise around. Perhaps they have that guy now in Joseph, time will tell if he can stay healthy this year.

I honestly believe that we will end up with Ricky Ray and that Jason Maas will be traded to either Hamilton or Toronto. I realize that we lost when we were in a similar situation a couple years ago and TO scooped John Avery, but I think this situation is a little different (QB). The Eskimos were standing pat with Mike Pringle at the time and also Avery was coming off of knee surgery. Look at how he struggled last year.

Ricky Ray's agent is claiming that he learned a lot and is a much better player now than when he left. I can see Hugh Campbell pulling out all the stops to get Ray back in green and gold. And if he doesn't, he will make whoever he goes to instantly better creating even more parody and making the league better still.

Jason Gesser- Washington State QB that took his team to the Rose Bowl against Oklahoma. He tried out the NFl but sort of got the short end of the stick, they wanted an experienced QB for third string.
Caramazzi, was with the 49ers

Jason Gesser
Position: Quarterback
College: Washington State
Height: 6-1
Weight: 205
Hometown: Honolulu, Hawaii

Has good upper and lower body mechanics … Shows good arm strength and a smooth release … Tough player who won't shy away from contact and is able to feel the pressure in the pocket … Has the scrambling ability to buy time in the pocket … Shows a medium stride and solid change-of-direction agility … Very accurate on short and medium tosses … Overachiever who manages to get the job done … Has adequate quickness in his delivery to get the ball through the throwing arc … Shows the anticipation skills to lead receivers into the clear spot in the zone … Has solid body control and agility when forced to escape the pocket.

1999 6 136 445 145 590 0 4.34 98.33
2000 9 304 1,967 47 2,014 18 6.63 223.78
2001 12 461 3,010 101 3,111 28 6.75 259.25
2002 13 456 3,408 116 3,292 28 7.22 253.23
TOTAL 40 1,357 8830 177 9,007 74 6.64 225.18

I would be very pleased to See Ricky Ray return to the CFL - I think he is an awesome QB. We have many talented QBs in the CFL - where would he be needed most?

He will end up in Toronto, Hamilton or Edmonton. But I think he will first exhuast all possiblities in the NFL first so that could be late in the year. If there are injuries during the season he will get picked up for insurance.

…did you guys know Gesser played the Rose Bowl game with a broken leg? Talk about tough or what…

He may end up in Edmonton. But if he doesn't he'll probly go to either Hamilton or Toronto. And if he does I will be pissed, because all of the teams in the west had to bail out those jokers a couple of years ago. And now they can afford anything. While teams like Saskatchewan and Winnipeg couldn't afford to pay him for half the season.

Maybe Winnipeg and Saskatchewan can get together and scratch up enough moolamoney to share him for a whole season. :lol:

Don't you mean Monopoly money? :lol:

That made me laugh.

I can imagine Ray playing alternate games between the two teams, and when they play each other Ray could play one half for each team. Team captains will flip a coin to pick who gets Ray for the first half.

Ricky Ray is going to end up in a Hamilton Tiger-Cats uniform. The Eskimos have Khari Jones and Jason Maas and Hamilton is in desperate need of a quarterback, especially since Danny McManus is clinging on life support but has no strong competition. Maybe Bob Young should scoop up Ricky and have him compete with Danny Mac for the Ti-Cats number 1 job.

NiteHawk, I definitely don't mean Monopoly money.....Moola Money(R) my friend is the currency of choice here. 8)

EskJebus I like your idea of Ray playing one half for each team. Better yet they could switch him every second set of offensive plays. For the T.V. audience sake Ray could wear a uniform that is half Rider and half Bomber. When he does an interview he can turn sideways for the camera depending on which cities media is doing an interview with him. Mmmm...wait a minute !He would have to know both teams ENTIRE playbooks? Oh well, I guess he could use both wristbands. :idea:

He should be able to learn a playbook prety good by now don't ya think. :wink:

No doubt Curldogg. I was just taking a friendly jibe at the Bombers and Riders half page playbooks, not at Ray himself. If he played for the Leos he would feel like he's wearing two phone books on his wrists. Now I'm really asking for it! Go Lions..... :smiley:

And what about Montreal? Indeed, the Als are looking for a good relief and Calvillo is too easily injured. Even though they got Jenkins and Vaughn, they don't have big buck players such as Copeland, Sanchez and Miles anymore. The direction got the money. Ricky Ray with the Als, why not?