Ricky Ray

Ricky Ray was released by the NY jets today! Hough get on the phone.

I would love to see Ricky back in the green and gold this year, but we will have to wait and see how things play out. Can you just imagine the pulling of hair and knashing of teeth around the league if he does indeed sign with the Esks? That should start about 100 salary cap violation threads here and at other CFL forums. :mrgreen:

For real? We don’t realy need him in green and gold, but I bet we could deal him for a substantial player.

We might not really need him, but you don’t pass on the opportunity to sign a franchise type QB, one who could lead the Esks to several Grey Cups.
He is younger than Maas and Jones and I think he had a good working relationship with DM. Campbell allowed the Argos to out bid the Esks for Avery, he better not make that same mistake twice. Having traded TV, among others, the Esks should have a few extra pesos kicking around. But until his agent says the bidding for Ricky’s services is open, this is all pure speculation.

If he wanted to be a "franchise type" player he wouldn't have ran for the buck the first chance he got.

how can you blame a young good QB who wanted to play at the top level he could for ditchin to NFL... he wants to advance his career and now he might come back and you are gettin on his back for leaving

ps. excuse my typin but im gettin lazy... i asume you can all still read it

Teams that could use him are Ott, Ham, Wpg, Sask, and Tor. If he does sign with any team they would probably have to shell out $300 000per year for him. Let the bidding war begin.


Wow, you are so right on. I was thinking Sask and Wpg only but all those other teams can use him. Let’s hope he signs with the team that needs him the most - Wpg, so that the CFL has all teams have a good QB.

I would love to see Ray come back here, although I would have to think that for sure either Jones or Maas would be traded. Maas deserves to start and play and I could see Jones being kept to play backup. That's assuming that we can win the bidding war. Eskimos are one of the richest teams in the league, but there is still that salary cap issue, but Ray started here and has a great relationship with Maciocia......stay tuned

If Ray wants to come back to the CFL that's great. You always want good QB's in the league, but based on how fast he got out of here my money is he (like all the others) will "exhaust all NFL possibilities" before coming back. Which is to me means, I'm happy sitting on a practice roster instead of playing. I hope Ray is smarter than that and realizes that he has a better chance of go back down south if he is playing up here. I want him back because either the 'Cats will go after him, or we can get some one from a team who will have to dump a QB to sign Ray. Ricki coming back will be a good thing if Ray grows a big enough brain and comes back.

Saying "we don't need Ray because we have Maas" is like saying "I don't need a car because I can walk".


We'll have to wait until Tuesday to find out if he clears NFL waivers.

If he does, and decides to return to the CFL, there will be a few teams bidding for his services. Of course Ottawa needs to find an owner before they can sign a high-priced quarterback. B.C. already has two starters, so they won't be bidding on a third. Montreal may be interested, but there's no way he's going to sit on the bench for ten years waiting for A.C. to retire. Calgary coach Tom Higgins was Ray's coach in his previous stint with Edmonton, but the Stamps put so much hype on getting Henry Burris, I'd be surprised if they'd pay Ray a quarter mill just to create their own QB controversy.

The other five teams will probably try to get him; but I don't think Saskatchewan and Winnipeg will be able to pay the kind of money he'll be looking for. He's either going to Edmonton, where he started his pro career, and has a relationship with the coaches, or to Toronto or Hamilton, who have the owners with enough money and who need to find a replacement for their aging pivots. I don't know about the Argo owners, but though the Cats would like to have Ray, I'd be surprised if Bob Young would okay that kind of expenditure on a guy who doesn't provide the marketing boost that Doug Flutie would have.

If he returns to Canada, my guess is he does so as an Eskimo, but if not, then an Argo.

I agree, the Stamps have 5 QB's already. Hank is our number one guy.

5 QBs in Calgary? Behind Burris, Kennedy, and Souza, who are the other 2? none listed on the Stamps roster.......

...Gesser and Cabri???????something of an italian nature, can't think of it right now, Jim Barker was saying yesterday he wants the club to get back to the style of the 90s where there is always a QB waiting in the wings to take over. Flutie begat Garcia who begat Dickenson...etc,etc. The club fell off the rails in the early 00's scrambling between QB.........

Silly me I should have known; Gesser but I can't spell the other guys' name either, he was the 3rd string in BC last year.

I mean third string when Dickenson was out

Carmazzi the guy that was with the 49ers

The Bombers can’t afford him and I would have to say the bidding would start at 300K per year. That alone knocks Winnipeg, Ottawa, and Saskatchewan out of the running. It will either be Edmonton or Toronto who wins the Ricky Ray sweep stakes IMHO.

(Please Lord, let it be the Esks.)