Ricky Ray

Ok just so i dont think im going crazy.

Every time i look at stats i always see Ricky top 1-2-3 all the time, yet i look at the eskies homepage message board and wow there calling for Maas after every game almost EVEN AFTER WE WIN.

am i gone mad for supporting this guy? or maybe red you were right us eskie fans really dont have a clue. Last night right before the comeback i ever head PUT IN MAAS. unbelivably disrespectfull if you ask me.

i even*

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You'll know they're nuts if they start clamouring for a contract extension for Danny Macciocca (sp?)......

As the the other, the most popular player on any football team is the backup QB.

Unless you happened to be a Montreal fan during the days when our backup was one Ted White.

woops jm didnt even know that :S

If people are calling for Maas, then I'd say those people are just fair-weather fans. To hell with 'em.

i was at the game and even heard it being chanted in my section...i needed stronger beer!!!

Ricky Ray should replace Ed StelmacK


If Mr. Ray wants to come and play QB for the Argos, I know that every Argo fan in T.O. will be at the airport as he gets off his flight.

All eleven of them?

Corny, if they ever put in Maas over Ray, those fans will soon learn why RR never gets pulled in favour of Maas. IMO, Lefors will go in if RR get yanked from a game.

Nevertheless, Maas returned and the Esks are an improved team so far. He may not be the best on-field backup they have, but he does seem to contribute somehow. Maybe he's an exceptional strategist, or maybe his presence just gives Ray more confidence. Whatever the reason, Maas is a committed team member and that has to help the Esks.

I heard that chanting at the game and there was a whole row of guys doing it, maybe seven rows behind me at the game. I thought it was quite strange really but I didn't really get to see the first quater of the game so I really have no idea why they were doing it.

There was no Maas chanting in section T, where I was sitting in a neighbour's extra seat, or back at my own in D for the second half. There were unfortunately, some drunk fans in section E who were heckling some Lions fans several rows down. Fortunately, the Lion fans kept more class and composure, and there were no fights or altercations, even at the end when said drunks gave 'em the 'na na na, hey hey hey, goodbye' chant.... Thats gotta be one way to drive away folks who might otherwise show up when BC comes here again in the fall.

there was a really loud lion fan behind me so it evens itself out

If you guys aren't happy with Ray in Edmonton I know a city in Manitoba who would gladly take him in less than a second!!!!!! The Edmonton Eskimos are very lucky to have a starting QB like R.Ray running the offense.
A very good QB and a class act at the same time!! I only wish Winnipeg could find someone like Ray!!!

yah well it seems us eskie fans ( not me!!) dont appreciate what he brings..

There's no shortage of scapegoats when a team is struggling.

Well said. Ricky, 23-30 354 yards. Maccioca, 4-2 on a rebuilding, or should I say "reloading " team. Sometimes everyone wants to critisize.