ricky ray

now that he has another 4 years in the CFl, where do you think he will end up at the end of his career?..

top 5 QBs of all time?, injured to never reach true greatness, or just not talented enough?

im curious what everyone thinks on the rest of his career in the CFL

Corny that was a very good move by the Eskimos.

Merry Xmas

it was a good move by the eskimoes. i remember when he came into the league noone could stop him really. he does have a few gcs under the belt but a main problem with him is the team, they look to the air too often so he cans till land great numbers and lose regularly.

I predict that Rickey Ray will be the top passer in the CFL in 08. He is big, strong, is difficult for opposing defences to bring down and, when he has to he can win games with the run.

top 5 of all time EASILY. his numbers are 1 or 2 every year, and hes a 2 time champion.
AND hes very durable, with only 1 major injury in his whole career.

unless he tanks it bad for numorous years in a row, i think he'll finish as a legend.

put ricky ray on the argos ( with thier defence )and they go undefeated.

Unless the O line for Eskies improve, i predict he wont finish the year....again.

Solid player, nice guy.

That's a safe bet Eskylo. It could be a short season for Ray and a long one for the Esks if the offence in the general can't consistently compete at a much higher level.

Good move for the Esks to lock him up Long Term. Now if Lefors can learn under him, you may end up with a good 1-2 punch. O-line needs to get better so he doesn't take a beating though.

I agree that's what they need. It was after they lost their 1-2 punch (or the threat of one, which is often enough) by trading Maas that Eskie fortunes hit the skids.

It looks as if Lefors does have what it takes to fill the bill. If they can get ahead in some games maybe they can get him some playing time (otherwise he'll be in there because the Esks are the bottom end of a blow-out).

Sorry everybody but Ray is the #1 QB in the league! "IF" he can go injury free and have a decent O Line then he'll be #1 in most if not all passing catagories. Excellent move by the Esks!! But I'am still not sold on Danny Boy!!! Edmonton has a ton of potential but do they have the right people in place to utilize the young talent that's there? I'am not so sure they do,but I guess time will tell!

and signing him to a half million dollar contract isnt helping that either

now were gonna have to fork up a much bigger contract for Glenn then we would have liked

I agree with everything you said Eskylo thats why I think the Esks top priority if I were GM would be to sign Free Agents Dan Goodspeed and Matt Sheridan. With those two Huge canadian boys our O Line would be solid and probably the best in the CFL.

Hehe... but seriously Glenn has earned a raise. Between him and the Winnipeg D, the team made it a long ways last season! :thup: