Ricky Ray

Gone for a substantial amount of time with a separated shoulder. We hang on to Maas and suck it up paying him and wait for an injury..... If Calgary didnt come calling surely Edmonton would and for once maybe we could do the fleecing. Instead we do what we always do, trade him for nothing the SAME DAY we get Printers. Bad management of assets. This could have been a great chance for us. We couldnt pay Maas for a few more weeks and waited? what would that cost? What would edmonton give up now? Stupid, no wonder we are last place. Spend some money and win.

But if we had kept Mass, we would not know what we have in Williams. And we would probably still only have one win as Mass would not have been able to generate that win last week.

Nah, you dont have to start Maas, you just pay him and wait till people start to come asking. What good teams dont do is just give away a proven starting quarterback and although he struggled here, he would have gotten us more had we waited. Why didnt we wait? too cheap obviously, we traded the guy the same darn day for nothing!!! Its all about money, saving it to be exact.

I agree we would gotten more if we had waited. What I was saying in a round about way was, if Mass was still a Ti-Cat he would have come in after Printer was injured last week. It would not have been Williams and therefore we would not have known what Williams can do for us. And chances are we would have gotten rid of Williams so we wouldn't have 4 QB's and someone else would have picked him up. Therefore we would have got nothing for him. At least we got a tiny bit for Mass.

It came down to money, plain and simple. Williams would have gotten his chance eventually since we all saw how chang did. They give players away, proven starters. Its as if they just took the first call that came in for whatever it was no questions. It was the same day, thy barely had time to shop maas around. It was money, sad but thats what this owner does. We cant win this way.

Campbell, Macioca and co. will be on the phone to MTL in the morning to beg and barter for Jason, otherwise the season is done. Don't get me wrong, I thought LeFors actually looked pretty calm out there, got a couple drives going, compared to say Chang was when he started for you guys. But Stefan is just not Ricky Ray.... Still though, for the Hamilton folks following the Esks, assume that things are going bad for our team somehow when Ray has to do a 27 yard run.

If Edmonton gives up any top players or draft picks for Maas they are obviously out of their minds, and that will be the last nail in Macciocia's coffin.

Straight up: Maas is not good enough to win games in the CFL. He is not an elite QB like Burris or Ray. He is good for maybe one passing TD per game...if he's on fire. That does not cut it in this league. Maas is simply not the player he once was. He proved it for two years in Hamilton, and has proven it again with his appearances in Montreal.

Desjardins was smart to trade Maas for anything. The fact that we got a young Canadian RB who can play special teams and challenge Radelein for a job on this team next year is unbelievable, really, based on how poor Maas played for us, and how much $ he was making.

We practically gave Maas to Montreal and there was a reason for it..

To say sorry for stealing Printers from them. Try and see the bigger picture.

Good point. I think that was part of it. I never thought about the "Maas to Montreal" trade that way before.

Good grief Charlie Brown, and you were able to forsee this happening. Maybe your one of the few that still holding on to Enron Shares waiting for them to make a comeback,

Give me a break :lol:

:roll: To bad Maas wasn't still hear we would at least have got something for him and he would be Happy to go back home! instead our BRAIN of a GM got peanuts for him :lol: another one of his great trades comes back to bite us in the a$$ :wink:

see my post above..

Maas had to be moved right away to make a fresh start in our dressing room. What would you do, pay Maas to stay home? What message would that send to the rest of the team? You also couldn't have him in the dressing room, so the only option was to move him.

Besides, edmonton was one of the teams in the running for Maas (see the previous "Maas has been Traded" thread....i think i started it) If they really wanted him back, they would have given marcel an offer we couldn't refuse.

I understand the trade would have been worth alot more now, but as previously stated....but in the long run keeping him would have probably destroyed our locker room morale.

Not hard to know a starting qb is gonna go down at some point and 2 did. Trading maas was all about not paying him, heck, they couldnt even pay him and printers both for one day. They gave him away. Foget favors to montreal and forget the bs about locker room morale, it was just a money dump without thinking of paying a bit longer and holding your cards. Every trade we make is about saving money........Berrenechea was a starting canadian linebacker but.........we gave him away too cus we are too cheap to pay to keep guys around. Every damn team in this league has one or two or Three players we gave them for basically nothing, cus we wont pay. Lowest payroll, last place, its not any harder than that folks.

In hindsight, maybe it appears that we should have held onto Maas a bit longer, but it's been 3 weeks. Who would have predicted that Ray would get injured?I think we should have tried to ship him to Edmonton to begin with. But, we were probably happy to just get rid of his salary...who would be willing to pay a starter's salary to a back-up(and a recently ineffective one at that)???

Not us, and thats the problem. If we held on to him and waited we would have gotten more, simple as that. Why didnt we? cus our management is forced to unload salaries by the owner. Everyone likes bob but its time for people to realise we lose because we wont spend money.We got printers..thats great but we were too cheap to keep maas to wait for market to develop. When it happens the same day its obvious. Most players ask for a trade it take a while but not us, first time the phone rings.

Dumping Jasons salary was a wise necessary move for a team in last place overall in the CFL.

The main issue is chemistry in the locker room.

In a changing situation like that ,you need the old QB out of the area so you can start fresh.

No doubt his value would be higher in a trade now ,hindsight 20/20 but moving him was the only option ater spending the farm on Casey.

We are too cheap. I dont think damon allen(or avery for that matter) is happy with how things have played out in T.O, but they havent given him away yet, why not? Its even gotten kinda ugly there with words too but they still dont give him away to the first caller, why not? because its not what smart football people do. Main issue is cheap, thats what we are. They could afford to pay Printers and Maas both for a month if they wanted to get better but they wouldnt do it because they are too cheap. How much to pay maas for three weeks? how many extra seats were filled because printers was signed?

I actually laughed at that. Auggie was a high-priced backup and ST player on the worst team in the league. I'm glad we got ANYTHING for him.

As for your rants and attacks on Bob for being "cheap" - consider the consequences of being 350k over the SMS - A LOSS OF AT LEAST ONE DRAFT PICK AND A HEAFTY FINE.