Ricky Ray won’t play Thursday

Oh yes - this all must be a well-orchestrated conspiracy. And how would this work exactly? Let’s see now… the owners tell Cohon to send instructions to Chris Rudge/Jim Barker to give Ti-Cats an advantage because they want Hamilton in the playoffs. Jim Barker meekly follows instructions and tells Scott Milanovich to sit Ray because the league wants to help Ti-Cats make the playoffs. Ray agrees and, just so nobody suspects anything, Ray and Milanovich act like they’re just resting Ray’s strained knee! David Braley is an active and willing participant in all of this of manipulation of course.
And, by the way, none of the dozen or so participants in this grand scheme will ever breathe a word of the conspiracy to anyone, now or at any time in the future!
Give me a break … I think the CFL may be smart enough not to try something this absurd.

if it were part of a conspiracy, i'm sure the cats and argos would have winning records right now.

Quoted for truth.

seymour, I enjoy your posts as you usually have decent insight on most topics but I think you’re a little short sited on this one. There is all sorts of fixing, betting, cheating, doping and scandals in virtually every sport known to man. What’s to exempt the CFL from this? We can never truly know what the big cheeses discuss behind closed doors but like I said before it is just something to think about because the way the pieces are falling seems a little suspect.

I disagree with this line of thinking. It’s more prominent in the other sports where teams usually don’t sit out their stars in a meaningless game for them.

As a season ticket holder I would prefer my team to sit some of the stars in order to rest them for the playoffs. Would you prefer they didn’t only to get beat the next week?

Hopefully the TiCats can get out to an early lead tomorrow so Creehan can go vanilla in the second half. Of course, the league has lots of film of that scheme.

Furthermore, let's not go writing that "W" on the schedule just yet. Let's not forget the bummers' 3rd string QB had a career game against us. It's also why I detest the term "garbage time" as if the backups are some type of sub-humans. Professional football players will be lining up against our TiCats tomorrow in a true 'must-win' for us. Getting out of Toronto healthy is important too since the blue team will be resting their go-to guys.

Completely agree. Too often I have seen this team go into a game that should be an easy win and crap the bed. The example of Elliott you use is a perfect one. I think of the 2010 game between the Cats and Als when Anthony Calvillo sat out with an injury and the Als smoked the Cats. There were extenuating circumstances – short week’s rest for the Cats, who played on Monday, and a longer one for the Als, who played Friday – but it was a game that almost everyone was chalking up as a win. McPherson started and the Als blew the Cats out. I am cautiously optimistic that Hamilton can pull this one out (different scenario being as this is the last game of the year and not the weekend after Labour Day; the Argos won’t just be playing their backup, but also their other two QBs), but I’m not taking anything for granted. We can’t forget that this is a 6-11 team and 6-11 teams don’t get guaranteed wins.

It's the right move to make from a Football sense. You've locked up your spot, now is the time to develop your backups in case you need them in the playoffs.

It's also the right move to make from a financial sense. What playoff game do you think is going to make the Argos more money? The Ti-Cats or the Eskimos? That will be one embarrassing playoff game if that does happen as the Hamilton fans are likely to outnumber the Toronto fans.

Have you been to any of Hamilton’s recent games at Rogers? I doubt there were even 1,000 Hamilton fans there. Would be more for a playoff game, but outnumbering Argo fans? I don’t think so.

While I respect your right to have your opinion, I would ask you to consider what you’re saying here. You’re saying the CFL, its team owners, commissioner, along with certain team officials would contemplate actively conspiring to manipulate the result of game(s) for a specific purpose. That would be the most egregious accusation you could make toward any sports governing body!
You’re asking us to accept that the CFL would risk its credibility, its integrity, its reputation and ultimately, its very existence in some vague attempt to somehow improve its standing in the Southern Ontario sports entertainment market. This in a year when the GTA is already the focal point of increased marketing activities related to the 100th Grey Cup game. I know the league is not the most competent organization at times, but, with all due respect, I do not believe you will convince any reasonable person that the CFL would actively undertake such a reckless, self-destructive and short-sighted scam.

Hey now, don't go raining on a perfectly good conspiracy theory.

We may not outnumber the Argo fans, but the 1,000 fans that do show up make more noise than the 19,000 Argo fans. So it seems like we out number them!

I will be there this week and next!

Go Cats Go!


What about now that the Argos are resting 8 starters. I'm not the only one that thinks this is suspicious. Even Bubba on Sportsline today mentioned "the optics of the league" in relation to this theory. I don't see this as some type of overt, hardcore, iron-fisted game fixing. This is as more of a "soft" push by the league to help out the long suffering Eastern Division. Kind of like the way a wife uses subtle but strategic moves in order to get you to do the yard work. 8)
Behind the scenes there would be discussions on making a trade or two to help create better parity in the league. These types of strategies are employed frequently in the business world. Personally I would hope it's not true but at the same time I find it hard to believe Tillman is stupid enough to trade Ray for Jyles. Seriously, who in their right mind would make that trade?

Usually where there's smoke there is fire.

krisiun, omg........really, yard work....you don't seem to know bo..