Ricky Ray won’t play Thursday

The Argos have already decided that Ricky Ray won’t play Thursday against the Ticats. He’s been stellar since returning from a sprained knee, throwing eight touchdowns against just a single interception, and given how poorly Toronto played without him — it lost all three games he missed — the Double Blue don’t want to take the risk of putting Ray into acton against Hamilton.
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Certainly helps our cause I would say this week.

Interestingly, Drew Edwards just reported that Milanovich said that there is a chance that Ray will play on Thursday. Here’s the Milanovich quote from the article:

“He's not 100 per cent and that's something we'll take into consideration on whether to play him or how much to play him. We haven't made any decisions yet.?
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And, of course, if he does play, will he play the entire game? And you know, considering that Ray’s team does not need the win…

Obviuosly, Hamilton will hold nothing back.

For Toronto, the game does hold some meaning in that they could face Hamilton again the very next week in a playoff game, so what does Milanovich show, or conceal?

Two schools of thought on this topic,

a: The game means nothing in the standings, so why would Milanovich take a chance on someone getting injured or
re-injured? He would want to rest his crew for the final push.

b: Milanovich would want to send a message to the Ti-Cats that they are not going to let them walk over
them in the playoffs. This carries more risk so I tend to think he will go with option a.

Either way, the boat people are going to know they've been in a football game, when we're finished.

Argos head coach Scott Milanovich said Tuesday that Ray won't play in the club's regular-season finale Thursday against the Hamilton Tiger-Cats.

Backup Jarious Jackson will start with youngsters Trevor Harris and Zach Collaros also expected to see time under centre.

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Thanks Captain, that clears that issue up!! They will probably rest other players as well or play them part game so if we can squeeze Jackson, we should be good.

This is a bit puzzling, screw what few season ticket holders they have left by resting their #1 QB against their most bitter rival when they have the opportunity to eliminate said bitter rival in front of what is left of their season ticket holders.
You would think that they would want to play against the schmoes for the eastern semi instead of us.
Like I said a bit puzzleing unless Ray is more hurt than they are saying.

Hmmmm…I think you may be on to something. In a radio interview today,I heard Ray idly mention something about giving his injured knee another week to heal.

I agree. Not gonna win over fans in Toronto.
Slap in the face of those who bought tickets. Might as well just forfit the game and offer refunds.

I'm sure it's been done many times before. What's best for the team, is ultimately what's best for their fans. If they played their starters and Ray or Owens got injured, the fans would be up in arms about that. Most fans would understand this.

Yeah, but keep in mind, the crowd at the Rogers Centre is probably going to be at least 33% Ti-Cat fans, if not more, and a Hamilton vs Toronto playoff is going to sell a LOT more tickets then an Edmonton vs Toronto game.

They’ve beaten Hamilton twice this season already. Ray was player of the week last week. The season ticket holders who got screwed are the ones in Hamilton who the Tiger-Cat let down again this year with no home playoff game and who’s season rests in the hands of the Alouettes and Stampeders.

Why would they want to play the Eskimos ? The Eskimos have one of the better defenses in the league and can beat you in a low scoring game where Hamilton on a good day gives up 30 points. Both games will be played in a dome. I’ll put my money on Jones over Creehan any day.

The argos have laid many eggs at home in front of their paying fans. Beat down by the lions, riders, als, bombers. Now they are laying down for the tabbies.
Why pay to watch that team? They don't care about putting on a good performance for their paying customers.

On top of that, they think they can jack up ticket prices 33% for the playoffs, dispite the poor performances and lack of demand. You can't gouge fans unjustifiably. I could see if demand for tickets was greater than supply of seats, but that is hardly the case.
You will see a playoff game with less than 25,000 people in the crowd because the argos organization is greedy.
Very poorly run team.

Exactly its the same everywhere. Glenn,Lulay,Calvillo will all sit out. Your going to show as little as possible and conserve as much energy as possible. Really what’s the chance of the 1-7 Tiger-Cats winning on the road in Toronto twice in a row?

I think the league gets a cut of the playoff games gate and use it to pay the opposing teams. It is the same everywhere. I paid 112.00 a piece for my playoff tickets in MOntreal.

My rule of thumb ;

On the road - rest your players
At home - play hard for your paying fans

Of course they will play hard but don’t expect the Argos to show their hand or expose their franchise player.

I'm not saying that this is fact but consider the possibility that the Argos were gently urged by the CFL commanders to give the Cats a slight handicap in order to help sneak them into the playoffs. It's pretty well known that in 2012 the CFL spent a large amount of time and resources trying to promote the league and garner more interest in Southern Ontario. Especially with the 100th Grey Cup in Toronto. I think there was a great deal of effort made in order to ensure that both Hamilton and Toronto had good seasons. The Ray for Jyles trade was always pretty suspicious to me simply because of how lopsided it was. When a team trades a franchise QB for somebody who was unproven and eventually demoted to 3rd string halfway through a season you have to ask these type of questions. Subsequently a Hamilton vs. Toronto playoff game is most likely what the CFL was hoping for and probably expecting. Their intense rivalry is not only good for TV ratings but also the aforementioned league promotion. An Argos vs. Eskimos game would not draw as much attention especially in the coveted Ontario market. So for this season it seems that Edmonton have been assigned to play the role of the "fall guy" for the leagues higher agenda.

Of course the only way to be sure is if you were a fly on the wall in Mark Cohon's office. But most of the pieces of this puzzle seem to fit quite nicely.

No more lopsided than when Tillman traded the reigning MOP to Toronto back in 2008. The Argos got Kerry Joseph, and a 2008 third-round pick for Glenn January, Ron Flemons, a 2008 first-round pick and 2010 second-round pick. January spent just a year in Saskatchewan before signing with Winnipeg; Flemons was traded back to Toronto during the 2008 season. Tillman getting jack for a star QB is nothing new.