Ricky Ray...what do you do in 2018?

Suffice to say, Ricky Ray is having a great year. Over 5000 yards having missed only 1 game. If he sucked it would be easy for 2018. Go get yourself a new QB. Ray is looking like he's got 1 or 2 years left, much like Cavillo.
so....what do you do?

You have a backup you are grooming for a starter spot a couple years down the road. They have no one now so letting him go for a free agent would be foolish.

I would try and re-sign him. He looks revived under Trestman

Go for 2 years...they're not guaranteed anyways.

Agreed the back up needs to be groomed. There's part of Fajardo's game I like, very mobile a tough in the short game. Arm strength is still a work in progress.

There's no other QB on the roster I like or have seen enough.

Trestman needs to change his thinking and get his back up some playing time when he has a game out of reach. Even just a drive or 2 late in the 4th.

Which past game would that be?

Nothing recent. But Ray could have been pulled earlier in the blowout wins over the Als earlier.

I'd like to see what Bethel-Thompson can do on a number of drives. Seen Prukop only on special teams so far.

Maybe if we clinch first soon, hopefullyone of them can start each half vs. the Lions.

Big win over the Als in August then again in September. It doesn't happen every week which is why he needs to take advantage of the situations when they arise.

You're not going to suggest that Trestman doesn't have a history of playing his starter to the very last play in every game and never handing his back up the ball? (planned short yardage plays excepted)

I would likely try to ink him at a 325 guaranteed with up to 400 after bonuses or 200 with up to 425 with/after bonuses.

Nobody is likely chasing down Ray at this point...they are in the drivers seat. Give a contract that allows you to chase someone else in free agency as well.

Just Saying. I know Ricky Ray. Not big time.

There is a 50% chance he will be back. Only 50%. In Toronto the last few years
he was getting killed by lack of protection. So if this was certain to happen next year
chances would be ZERO. However he likes Trestman. Things are looking up in TO
protection and team have improved much. Add a few key players RR plays one more year. RR is in the driver's seat today. There is no one, anyone, that could take over in May next year and do better. Takes a bit of time to learn.

And No he will not say on in favour of being the next offensive coache.
Most very good QB's are not super coaches as proven again this year.

Class act that Ricky Ray. Very happy to see him having another great season. If I were the Argos I would offer $300K to $325K base, with incentives topping $100K. Then continue to develop a young guy behind him as backup for 2018. Nothing wrong with pursuing a division win or league championship with an aging QB who is still outperforming his younger peers. Has anyone heard the Ricky Ray/city bus story in Regina? After the player awards here in 2003, Ray hung around because many wanted autographs or a chat with him. Very gracious, he attended to every one. It went so late that his team had already left and Ricky Ray had to hop a city bus to get back downtown to his hotel.

That same week myself and a couple friends were at Earls and one buddy of mine who is clueless about football didn't recognize Ray and some other Esks at the next table. They weren't wearing team colours or anything. Making small talk, he asked Ray if he was in town for the game. Ray didn't skip a beat and said yes he was planning on being there. Took a ton of self control for us to not burst out laughing. We didn't introduce Ray but rather just said our buddy didn't have enough grey matter to absorb CFL info -because he was so wrapped up in his Edmonton Oilers. Soon after the Esks players got up and left. As we left later, the hostess gave my buddy an envelope on the way out the door. It was 2 sideline passes for the game and a note that said 'Hope to see you there, it's a pretty cool game - Ricky Ray'

I've been a huge fan of Ray since.

nice story nice

Trestman will want Ricky Ray back, Ricky Ray will want to be back, Popp will surely re-sign him probably in the $400K+ range.
Ricky Ray will be the EAST MOP this year and fully deserving of it.

This talk of Collaros to TOR just isn't happening unless it happens after February when a large portion of Collaros' pay is already paid in his front end loaded $520K contract

His current contract is incentive based (mostly based on the number of games that he starts) as it was structured to split starting time with Harris before he left. I see no reason why he wouldn't accept another similar contract IF he wants to keep playing.