Ricky Ray waxes his eyebrows???

I was watching the Hamilton - Esks game with some other couples and the girls pointed out when Ricky Ray was interviewed on t.v. that he looked like he waxes his eyebrows. First, the ladies had to explain what that all meant to us. Then Ray came back on again and all the ladies said he definetly shaves or whatever women do to their eyebrows. Is there something Eskimo fans can tell us about this????????????

heheheh I have to ask that to my wife... good for me i tape the game


You mean to tell me you'd walk around with a uni-brow if you had one? Are you also one of those guys who goes to the beach with a hairy back?

Don't know about the kind of ladies you like but body hair's been out since the late 70's.

Hairy chest, hairy back, hairy eye brows aren't a sign of how macho you are, they're a sign of how out of touch you are with what women like.


Thanks to your gracious insight, there's no chance i would make mistake like these now. But again, i'm so 70's !!

I don't care if he shaves his nuts...dude can throw a ball.

LOL just a little blunt moses.

Can you imagine Ed Hervey returning to the bench to explain coach Macciocia why he dropped that last pass:

«But Coach... Ricky shaved his balls in the locker room, and then he touched the football without even washing his hands... Ewww... I'm not grabbing that... »

This conversation is pointless