Ricky Ray VS Stefan LeFors

Do you think there should be a posistion battle between LeFors and Ray?

No, Ray is the #1. We don't need a QBing controversy at the starting position. What the Esks should do though, is make the backup roles clearer. If Ray gets injured and misses a string of games, LeFors as the younger promising QB should be the starter. If its a case of Ray struggling in a game, like during the '05 playoffs, then Maas should be the reliever, the veteran hand to make some plays and fire the offense back up.

Great post Kristjan, I totally agree with you. After last week's performance, Ray should have silenced his critics.

finally sometin i agree with you on sambo, its sickening here in Edmonton the kinda talk that happens about Ricky


You have the Best QB is the league. Give him an offensive line that block and give him time to throw and..........

Anyone thinking about a starting QB controversy in Edmonton should be examined. Ray is light years ahead of Lefors, who is a mediocre backup at best. And its not like Lefors is alot younger than Ray, as Ricky is only one year older.

I didn't know Ray had critics? Do these so called critics actually watch football...? :expressionless: