Ricky Ray to start for Argos

The Argos have announced Ricky Ray starts their next game against the Lions.

[url=http://www.cfl.ca/article/ray-to-start-for-argos-vs-lions]http://www.cfl.ca/article/ray-to-start- ... s-vs-lions[/url]
CFL.ca Staff

TORONTO -- The Toronto Argonauts will no longer enter a week of practice with question marks around who will run their offence.

Head Coach Scott Milanovich told reporters Sunday that Ricky Ray will start for the Double Blue under centre when his team takes on the BC Lions at Rogers Centre Friday night.

Ray, who has been working his way back from off-season shoulder surgery, entered last week’s loss to Montreal in the second half and completed 12 of 15 passes for 107 yards.

Ray’s return comes in the wake of two consecutive weeks where Trevor Harris was unable to keep the Argos offence moving despite having an MOP-calubre season until that point. Harris was 11 of 14 for 102 yards last week but couldn’t put any points on the board.

Harris entered the year as the starter and has completed 71.2 per cent of his passes for 4,144 yards. He also leads the league in touchdown passes with 32.

Terrible decision, So much for multiple bad games. Most outcomes from that decision are bad for the Argos now and when free agency hits.

Yeah, this is desperate and poor timing, to throw Ray stone-cold into an important game for the Argos instead of letting Harris work through his mistakes. I mean, for God's sake, they have a Creehan defense there so why is the QB paying the price? Harris wasn't the one letting the Als move across the field and score at will playing pillow-soft zone.

I'm excited to see what Ray can do. The last 2 argo games have been unwatchable.
Since declaring his desire to be the CFL's highest paid player, Harris has sucked.

Probably when Harris agent made his claim last week, that was viewed very badly by the Argos staff but sometimes you have to ignore that, especially when your in a playoff race. Argos know they can't retain Harris unless they pay him and they can't do that and keep Ray. They seem to be making the same mistake with Harris they made with Collaros. If Ray's arm is not 100 percent they may even have to go back to Harris ! IMO it is now between Hamilton and Ottawa for who reps the East in the GC.

Ray's stats this weekend are identical to Harris and that was in "GARBAGE TIME" !

If you can't protect your QB and give him time, you can't blame the QB. I'm not looking forward to seein Ray face first on the turf. This will end like it did for AC.

What if, 1st quarter of the opening playoff game, Harris is injured and you have to play Ray?

You're going to be glad you got Ray some game reps during the last 2 games.


You put Ray in having no reps.

I'm choosing option 1


Has no relevance to the decision to START Ray next game.

OK, then it must be one of the following ;

Perhaps Harris is banged up and needs some rest before the playoffs?
Perhaps the argos have been trying to re-sign Harris and are not close to a deal and have given up on him?
Perhaps Ray needs reps?
Perhaps the argos have lost faith in Harris?
Perhaps Ray was always the starter and now he's healthy and has his job back?

Either way, argos are in the playoffs.
Can't say the same for the Alouettes. :cowboy:

Finally our # 1 quarterback gets his first start And our 4th Home Game!

The Argonauts have 2 games left. When exactly would you get Ray some meaningful reps?

Finally, an intelligent decision from Millanovich. He must have had help because he's not that smart. Harris has struggled for 2 weeks and the Argos have 2 games left. They aren't throwing in their back up, this is their #1 QB coming off the DL who is a future Hall of Famer who won them a Grey Cup.

They have 2 games, both home games and true home games at that, against beatable opponents. Give the #1 guy his job back and see what he can do. Harris may have a future, but not with the attitude he's shown in the last month. He needed to be humbled a bit and this is it. I don't care how good Harris has been you don't drop a QB of Ray's quality to back up simply because of injury. Harris wants the job he has to earn it and in the last 2 games he hasn't. Nor has he he earned with his "highest paid QB" BS.

Let's see how good he is now that he has some real competition for the job every week.

I don't like this decision.
Harris should be given the start and allowed the first half to try and get back to top form.
If that doesn't happen, put Ray in for the second half.
I'm not convinced Ray is fully recovered from surgery either - mostly short, high % passes against Montreal.

Stone cold? Ray saw more than a quarter of game action. He threw 15 passes and scrambled a bit. He's as ready to play as he's ever gonna be at this point. Harris has been "working through his mistakes" for two games, with a total of one TD drive. You're right, Harris doesn't play D, but he has thrown 11 interceptions in six games and several of them have been pick-sixes. He's not playing close to the level he was the first 10 games of the season.

The Argo offence -- including when Harris is at QB, and Collaros for that matter in 2013 -- is built around short, high-percentage passes. The fact he threw mostly those means nothing more than he understands and knows how to run the Argo offence.

I would say that pretty much defines his entire career. Since he's had success throughout with this I don't see the problem.

“It’s not an interception here, an interception there that’s going to cause a difference," Milanovich of Harris said. “He’s going to have to have multiple poor games before I’m willing to make a move. “He’s not been perfect, but he’s playing at a fairly high level overall. He’s the one who brought us here.?
Milanovich is full of it. We'll see how it works out for him.

Players putting themselves above their teammates demanding to be the highest paid player…usually doesn’t go over so well in CFL circles. Not sure if it was T. Harris or his agent who decided to go public, but it was the wrong time, wrong league to be making such a declaration. They should reserve their contract negotiations until after the season.

I know Milanovich has near sainthood status amongst many Argo fans but the coach seems to have lost control of his team, just like last year. It looked like the Argos needed another training camp to get things sorted out. Yep, bench Harris, that’s the answer! :wink:

Not here he doesn't. Millanovich has never had control of this team. Discipline has been an issue since his first game and still is. Tell Harris to take league average for a starting QB and send Millanovich packing. This team will never win another Grey Cup with Millanovich. Personally I doubt Millanovich will ever win one again as a HC. He got luck in 2012. Really lucky.