Ricky Ray to miss 4-6 weeks

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Hearing from reliable source that Argos QB Ricky Ray has a separated AC joint (shoulder), expected to miss 4-6 weeks. #argos #CFLonTSN


Bad news for Ricky, and I think that was his bad shoulder anyway? Could possibly be a career ender? It looked like he was off to a solid year.

The silver lining for Hamilton is that Toronto now has to bring along a new starter - either groom one from within or trade (Kevin Glenn, how's your contract??). Will probably stall their rise in the standings. Feel badly for Ricky himself, not so much for Toronto.

  1. This so called reliable source is not named at all, so as Caretaker told me, it doesn't hold water, and can't
    be relied on as being the truth !!! Unamed source is just speculation !! ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile:

We're starting to come out of our injury bugs and now it's Airblows turn , yup told everybody here I say Tricky Ricky doesn't last 1/2 the season ! Well how many games ?

Gee that's a damn shame . Terrible , terrible news for our rivals down the road . I'm actually surprised that he lasted 6 games . Hopefully he comes back to play again real soon..............like Next year !!!

I said sometime ago, like before the season, that Ray would not last long...backslap..

This has become such a predictable result for them.

I thought that Trestman would try to go in another direction with Ricky's history on the injured list.

It seems in Toronto, coaches and GM's may come and go, the only constant is seeing Ricky Ray on the sidelines come game time.

Look how much time he had to throw..... I'm jealous.

  1. Just saw an interview on TSN with Milt Stegall , and he figures that Ray will not return this year at all.

    He figures that with Ray's past history of shoulder problems, plus his age at this point, he won't return
    at all this year !!

    If that's the case and it turns out to be true, then I would think we have seen the last of Ricky Ray in the
    CFL !! :frowning:

Like Calvillo's ending, this is a sad way to end such a great career!!

Not many get to go out on top like Burris.

I've thought Ray was down for the count in the past and he came back, so I'm not counting him out this time.

Pat, could you predict us a couple of wins?? Or maybe even a Championship???? :-*

This is surprising

Matthew Scianitti?Verified account
Ricky Ray is the quarterback under centre for #Argos walkthrough #CFL
10:15 AM - 6 Aug 2017 from Toronto, Ontario

Hey....about picking some winning lottery numbers for us, Pat!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not really much of a prediction. I just said I don't think his career is over, as the guy has a history of bouncing back.

Yeah, but this is three days after he was being reported to be out for 4-6 weeks...
...maybe they meant days, not weeks...

CFL News?

4m4 minutes ago

Ricky Ray ruled OUT vs. the #AlsMTL this week. No #Argos starter named by Marc Trestman. #CFL via @TSNDaveNaylor

David William Naylor?Verified account
12m12 minutes ago

Coach Trestman will announce Argos starting QB on Thurs, although Jeff Mathews got majority of reps over Cody Fajardo on Wednesday. #CFL

  1. Argos are in trouble if they go with Matthews as their starter :o

Let's wait and see. Seem to recall rading that Ray was washed up before that 500 yard or whatever, game.

I agree with you Tipper. But, so many one-time Tiger-Cats have, in recent seasons, played very well for other CFL teams.

X Ti Cat Players seen to play pretty well for other times. :slight_smile:

So true , strange but true . Speaking about ex Ti-Cats and more specifically QB's I seem to recall a certain ex Cat QB name of LeFevour that had his first and only start of the season for the Argos in a game against us last year and proceeded to carve us up to the tune of 33 - 21 while completing 75% of his passes and having 329 yds through the air .
As for speaking about other ex Cats who have gone on to play very well for other teams , looking at our roster for that game last year against those Argos and you'll see examples of this such as........Brian Simmons -t / Peter Dyakowski - g / Rico Murray -lb / Cassius Vaughan -db / Drake Nevis - dt ........... just to name a few :(.