Ricky ray thing doenst make sense

So the bombers are willing to splurge and try to spend +400ks on a qb (who isnt even that great) but wouldnt try to spend like 150 on a couple of good receivers.... or maybe a DB... or Offensive lineman. They coulda spend 350k on 2 great players during the offseason, but dont. then try to sign a qb. A position that we really dont need that much..

Or is it just me???

That is puzzling is it not. Maybe they were willing to open the bank to bring in Ricky Ray. But I think you guys have your QB’s and you have to give them a chance. T. Martin is going to be a fun guy to watch.

I mulled that one over myself and came up with the conclusion that the Bombers got caught up in 'stargazing' and hype......they had a set figure in mind and if it was surpassed they would bow out of the running for RAY. I thought the move showed they were trying to go all out for the fans to get a quality player but really didn;t have to bother. They have enough good QBS. signed. I also wondered what must have been going through Glenn and Wynn's mind through all of this......hardly a vote of confidence. Anyway on with the season and hope for the best. :roll:

Thats just the thing I don't think that to many people are very confident with Glenn our Wynn. They have a lot of potential but so far thats about it. They really haven't been able to prove anything yet. So if they could have locked up a guy like Ray then why not try your best. Because Ray would pretty much guarantee the bombers a playoff spot. As long as he stayed healthy.
I think the fans appreciate the effort that the management has made this offseason. I personally think it was a good move to try and sign Ray.

LISTEN BOMBER FANS u guys have no money thats why u guys suck but a trade with the eskies for maas could be in the works for mabe a rb or a few draft picks for next yr anyways edm has blown the cap on just 5 players ray 450 thou jones 350 thou sanchez 200 thou montford 250 thou maas 150 thou wiltshire 85 thou and the list goes on what can i say theres no penalty for theese guys cause there special the must be bein run by the liberal government

Ray would improve the Bombers' offense in an instant. I watched him for the two years he was an Eskimo, and I don't think fans of other teams realise how good a QB he actually is.

I agree with the initial poster in this thread that the Bombers could use the money they bid to get Ray to try and sway some more talent at other positions. However, in this league a good QB is a must-have if a team is going to succeed.

And there's no point in whining how the Eskimos spend money - most of the reported salary figures are inflated, as the teams don't even release salary figures. It's all second and third-hand information. Sanchez is NOT making $200,000 per year. The GM for the Als laughed at that number and said that the bidding for Sanchez was nowhere near that high.

Also, the Eskimos are community-owned (no different scenario than Winnipeg and Saskatchewan). What are the Renegades' excuse? The Gliebermans have assets of over $100 million!

How long ago did RAY play here and how long since he's actually seen on-field action. AND THROWN A PASS.....maybe he's lost a step or two and got into too many potato chips for all we know.....kinda really paying alot of money for an unknown up-to-date commodity......wouldn't everyone look foolish if he's lost it...lol lol. even limping though he looked pretty good BEFORE HE LEFT.... :lol:

hey gades cup....if the reason why we suck is that we have no money, why did you guys get half the wins we did last year? Good luck with Glieberman, Gregg, et al..... A long, long season to be sure.....maybe Tom Clements can play for you! lolll :mrgreen: .......oh and by the way...at least we have a fan base here!!!

Kevin Glenn is by far one of if not the best QBs in the CFL. Ricky Ray I repeat Ricky Ray is no better then Kevin Glenn.

From what I saw from Kevin Glenn when he was in Saskatchewan, which sadly wasn't a whole lot since he hardly ever got to play, he was a pretty good quarterback. He is just a little inexperienced still, give him another year as starter for Winnipeg and he will definatley be one of the better passers in the CFL.

As far as being better than Ricky Ray...well, I think Ricky Ray is extremely over-rated, as is Henry Burris, but I painfully have to admitt that Ray is probably better than Glenn, but in a few years who knows...