Ricky Ray signs 3 year extension

[b]The Toronto Argonauts announced Friday that quarterback Ricky Ray has signed a contract extension with the team through the 2015 CFL season.

“We have worked hard to establish a culture of winning within our football team and it all begins with top calibre players like Ricky Ray,” said Argonauts General Manager Jim Barker in a statement.

“Securing him as an Argonaut for the long-term ensures us stability at a key position and makes a clear statement to our fans and our city that we are serious about fielding a competitive club year in and year out. This is a very exciting announcement for the future of our franchise.”

“I am very excited for the opportunity to be in Toronto for the years ahead and to build off of the success we had in 2012,” said Ray in a statement.
“I enjoy playing in Toronto in front of our fans, and I look forward to working with my teammates and coaches with the goal of winning another Grey Cup.”[/b]


Excellent news for the Boatmen, that's for sure.

IT'S ALL A CONSPIRA- never mind. Good for the Argos, aside from Lulay, Ray is the best franchise QB in the league, now that doesn't mean best QB in the league but based on experience (3 Grey Cups) and what he has left to offer (34 years old) I'm willing to say he is the best franchise QB you can have. Calvillo almost done, Durant-inconsistent, Tate-Injury prone, Edmonton duo-inexperienced, Burris- Again almost done, Buck-unreliable for injuries.

Ray is the Joe Montana of the CFL.

a cerebral QB with an average arm and average mobility, yet a brilliant playmaker with a golden touch and pinpoint accuracy who wins the big game. (3 Grey Cup victories in 4 appearances)

an unspectacular quarterback who is just spectacular.

How much money is the contract worth, anyone know?