Ricky Ray says he is seriously thinking retirement......

Wasn’t able to post the link but RR told media today that he is seriously thinking about retirement. He will work thru the decision making process with his family.

That is not what he said!!!!! added more for sure

One day after hinting at returning to play in the CFLnext season at his team's Grey Cup rally, Toronto Argonauts quarterback Ricky Ray told reporters he is seriously considering retiring.
"I’m seriously thinking about it," Ray said."Last year Iwent through the same process and this year is going to be the same way. There was a lot better ending to this year to kind of take that into consideration. I’m seriously thinking what my future’s going to be."

Ray made the comments at the Argos' year-end media availability. He said there isn't really a timeline for when he'll make the decision.
"Just going off of last year’s experience, I knew before the first of the year. That’s when I called (former head) coach (Scott) Milanovich and told him I want to come back. I don’t know if that’s going to be the same this year but I’d assume over the next few weeks as I start thinking about it and the end of this season wears off, I’ll hopefully be able to make that decision."
A pending free agent, Ray said if he does return, it would likely be with the Argos.
"I can’t imagine playing anywhere else so if I would like to come back, this would be the first choice for sure."
Ray just completed one of the best seasons of his career, throwing for 5,546 yards - the second most of his career - and 28 touchdowns to 11 interceptions.
For his career, Ray has 60,429 passing yards and 324 touchdowns to 176 interceptions. Sunday's Grey Cup win was the fourth of his career and second with the Double Blue.
If Ray does returnnext year, the Sacramento State product should surpass Henry Burris (63,227) for third on the CFL's all-time passing yards list and could challenge Damon Allen (72,381) for second with two big years. Ray should also be able to surpass Ron Lancaster (333) for fourth in touchdowns and could challenge Burris' 374.
As for his comments at the Grey Cup rally Tuesday, Ray said he was just having fun with the Argos' fans.
"I was just kidding around. No hidden meanings there."

Exactly. 50/50 for sure but for the last few years team was weak. Today all is okay!!!

Thanks. Of coarse lots of factors but big cash on line. So YES!!!!!!!!!

After watching that interview (sorry I couldn’t post the link) and RRs two references to going out on top, it sounds much more than 50/50 to me. I think he will call it a career.

Good Call Thanks :-\

Maybe Ricky Ray wants a good pay increase, which he deserves. He may be thinking "if you think I am so good/amongst the best, pay me accordingly."


Its the smart play. "I'll come back unless you give half my pay to Collaros".

Yeah, that's the way it usually goes, a star performer will come back if the pay is right but the organization has to start thinking long term and if the money isn't there, then it's time to retire.

Maybe he's just done and thinks the likelihood of back to back GCs is too big of a goal to chase when he already owns the CFL record for # of cups. He's got nothing to prove to anyone including himself. Why risk a major hit at 38 or 39 and possible CTE? Lots of other things for him to do.

The league is SO inconsistent with roughing the passer and late hits etc that it must be something on his mind too.