Ricky Ray released? He's needed in Toronto !

Damon Allen has had a fantastic career, but let's get real, there's not much left in him. Argo fans can't get disillusioned: the best chance to repeat as last year's Grey Cup champions is not to have Damon Allen at the helm if Ricky Ray is available. What team was scared of the Argo offence anyway last year? Ricky Ray has a lot of years left in him, and if it means making some other roster adjustments then so be it.

I agree eagle, i have figured he would end up in Hamilton or Toronto. But not until he has exhausted all hope in the NFL. This could take some time because they may sit tight until after the sessaon starts down there. Injuries may be a factor to him signing down there.

Why don't these teams groom their own QBs for once? Why do half the QBs in the league seem to always start their careers in Edmonton?

Do the scouts from other teams all look over the fence and see who the Eskimos bring into camp each year, or what?

Agree with ya EskJebus. Some teams are known for growing great guys at a certain position. Calgary and Edmonton grow the best QB. Montreal definately grows the best linemen. Good runners emerge from the Prairies.

Toronto buys everyone off...

It's not necessarily the team growing the position - it's the GM. When Buono was with Calgary, he grew the best QBs but since he left Calgary and joined BC, BC now grows the best QBs. Calgary hasn't had a decent QB since Buono left. Let's hope Burris is the answer - I think he is.

It's obvious that Ricky Ray needs more proving to do to NFL so he should sign on with TiCats or Argos for 1 year and hope that he has an awesome season, enough to make some impressions on an NFL team.

Todays paper listed the front runners in the Ricky Ray Sweepstakes....
(1) Toronto
(2) Edmonton
(3) Hamilton

lets rearrange that.......Edmonton, Toronto Hamilton.