Ricky Ray practicing today!

Ray has been practicing today. And says he is feeling good. Others have seen him throwing the ball but Argos declined to comment.

Frito Ray morphing into Gumby Ray!

Awesome news. May be wise to rest him this week and have him return at home against the Als the following week.

How’s Posey comin’ along?

If Ray is able to go, I would love to see Fajardo get thrown in there for a change of pace every once and a while. Not a true 2 QB system, but get the D guessing where the QB will be.

CFL News?
4m4 minutes ago

Ricky Ray ruled OUT vs. the #AlsMTL this week. No #Argos starter named by Marc Trestman. #CFL via @TSNDaveNaylor

I'd say this is the end of the line for RR at his age with continuing shoulder issues, or at least very close to the end of the line for him. Always liked him but not sure how much more he can take.

Someone has to take a hold of the job for that to happen. Fajardo IMO could be that guy. I have a feeling Trestman will choose the "cerebral" Mattews in place of Ray. Not so much because he thinks Matthews gives him the best chance to win but more so to make sure Ray can regain his spot.

That will be very interesting. I find Matthews biggest weakness in Hamilton was his slow decision making. Trestman's timing offense demands the opposite. Can't wait to see how improved he is or not.