Ricky Ray placed on 6 game IR

not only are the Argos are forced to play their first 5 games on the road but will have to do so without Ray now.

Looks like Harris will be carrying the load with McPherson as the sub and if these two pivots fail to make a dent, the team is in big trouble and will be playing catchup the rest of the season.

not good for the club nor the league.

Probably time for him to start considering retirement. His injuries are taking longer and longer to heal.

Not good at all for the Argos.
They are playing their first 5 games on the road and 4 out west. But is that a big issue at all? it's not like they have a crowd behind them when they are at home. Definitely losing your starter is a big deal.
I think this year is a "lame duck' year for the Argos, it's going to be the same old tiny crowds at the RC and I think they finish last in the east with the worst record in the CFL.

I agree with all of your analysis except the very last point.
I think the REDBLACKS will still have the worst record in the CFL.
But the Argos won't make the playoffs as the 4th place western team should cross over.

well it doesn't help that the Argos are forced to play 5 straight games at home (including Tuesday/Sunday games) which just further alienates the consumer and/or potential casuals making it near impossible to build a proper fanbase.

nothing they can do about while at the mercy of Rogers.

Cry me a friggin river. It's this attitude that makes sure I will never cheer for the Argos. Why is it soo bad for the league if the Argos are in last place ? In a nine team league why is one franchise more important than any other ? When they get to BMO and hopefully have a full house on a regular basis, will it be OK to worry about another team then ? The Argos for a long time have reminded me of a spoiled brat. It gets everything it wants and it's still not enough ! No more propping. Let em sink or swim. They got new owners. They got a new place to play. Now their sked isn't good enough ? :roll: Maybe another team can loan the Argos their starting QB, just to get them over the hump.

Prediction: the Argos will go 0-6 to start the season without Ray at QB even with a healthy Ray with this schedule they would be lucky to go 1-5 or at best 2-4. It's an absolutely brutal schedule and could bury them quickly.I can't see them making the playoffs again this season,realistically I think the best they can do is perhaps .500 over the last 12 games to wind up at 6-12 on the season.

@ Fort McMurray vs Edmonton....L
@ Saskatchewan....................L
@ Calgary...........................L
@ British Columbia.................L
@ Hamilton..........................L
home opener...Saskatchewan.....L

Two seasons ago the Argonauts set a CFL record for the longest time between home games in CFL history. Last season they broke that record. This season they will break it again.

Are you honestly telling me that you think that this doesn't have a negative effect on the team?

Are you honestly telling me that you wouldn't complain if your team had this terrible schedule year after year?

Hamilton , Winnipeg, Ottawa went through this and probably Saskatchewan when their stadium comes online. It is what it is. Anyway Harris is ready and Gale looked very good last season. They will be fine.

Hopefully Ricky Ray will be back before the Home Opener against Saskatchewan as we still have 1 preseason game left plus a bye in Week 4.

No. I'm telling you that I don't give a fiddler's f... that the poor Argos have a bad sked. Typical to start making excuses for losing before the season even begins.

I would not be so quick to assume that with the loss of Ray that the Argos are going to collapse. Harris proved last year he has the goods and MacPherson was the heir apparent to AC for a long time, and if he back in CFL form he'll be dangerous too.

I fully think they can steal two in their first five games.

It is the loss of one of the best and biggest stars of the CFL (Ray) that is detrimental to the league and it's fans, not about the Argos win/loss record.

their atrocious schedule year after year is also detrimental to the league and it's broadcast partners.

It's been shown year after year that they get a much healthier following on TV than at the Skydump, so whether or not they are playing at home makes no difference.... Also, the league will continue long after Ricky Ray has retired. The faithful Argo fans will still support their team when Ray's gone. Any one who won't watch the Argos because Ray isn't there, isn't really a fan.

I agree Dan. Look, the Argos aren't going to be in first at the end of the year with Ray out this long and maybe even longer but it's a team game even in a league like the CFL where the qb is extremely important, maybe moreseo than the NFL. But they are well coached and will not be a pushover.

And for sure, home field isn't much of an advantage at all at the RC for the Argos so they are used to playing "on the road" in more ways than one.

I thought Fort Mac is a home game for them. They should have the backing of the crowd there. :lol:

People may be underestimating Harris. He could be the next Collaros. Apparently the two of them were neck & neck on the Argos depth chart a couple of years back when Zack took them on a road win streak.

Who said anything about losing? I said it's been year after year of terrible schedules that puts the team at a disadvantage and pisses off the fans. I'm a Season Ticket holder and I have to wait until Week 7 for a Home Game - it's ridiculous!

Light at the end of the tunnel Neely 2005. In 2016 the Argos will decide of their schedule not Rogers/the Blue Jays. It will be good news,particularly for the Argos fans. Also good for the League.

Hoping,for their fans and the good of the League,that the Argos have a good/competitive 2015 season.


It will definitely be a huge improvement over sharing with the Blue Jays! Unfortunately apparently TFC will get priority over the Argonauts but at least they play a lot less games than the Blue Jays so hopefully this will be the last year of ridiculous schedules!

don't count the lions out