Ricky Ray out 6 weeks

Right now. I would say its Chad Owens

It's been written about extensively on these forums. It's not the league's fault, nor the Argos'. The Argos get only a handful of dates from Rogers Centre, and have no alternative. It's been written (but not confirmed) that Argos were given just 12 possible dates in which to schedule their nine home games this years. Blue Jays are home a lot in September, and there must be other events in the building as well. Until Argos get their own stadium, or at least a better shared arrangement (e.g. with TFC) this is the reality the league and the team have to grapple with. It's why they get one home date in a month, and it's on a Tuesday (and the first day of school, no less).

Maybe the Wiggles will bump them again.

Collaros vs Marsh tuesday. Should be interesting.

I see a split with the Als, losses to the Riders and Stamps, win over Edmonton and another loss to Hamilton. Assuming none of those teams suffers a key injury. That leaves the Argos at 7-7 and likely looking up at Montreal and Hamilton. This is their chance to prove they're for real and last year wasn't an end of season fluke. Collaros and the offense are up to the challenge, but I seriously doubt the D is.

If Toronto splits with the Als and wins against Edmonton, Montreal would have to go 4-0 against B.C., Sask, Ham and Edm for Toronto to be "looking up at" them after the six weeks in question. You seriously think that will happen?

And Hamilton would need to win at least four of five against BC (2), Calgary (2), and Toronto (1), given the required loss to Montreal. And only two of those five are home games. While I'm hoping for at least that, in the words of Grand Moff Tarkin, "I think you overestimate their chances!"

This could be quite the shot out in the OK crap dome.
I am definitely looking forward to it, despite the idiotic and another Tuesday.
Having said that, we will definitely see how much RR will be missed?

I didn't look beyond Toronto's schedule. I think Hamilton and Montreal can be + .500 teams, but obviously not in that 6 week period given the schedule. Ooops. Still see the Argos no better than 7-7 and looking up at the Ti-Cats (8-6) with the Als nipping at their heels (6-8).

That would fricken sting if it happens! And in all honesty, it looks promising that they will at minimum have a home playoff game. Wonder if they would consider another venue for a playoff game, even if it is further away?

For sure Toronto"s next six games will be very competative to say the least dcmoses. I'll go out on a limb and say a split with the Als, a loss in Regina, a win at McMahon, a loss in Edmonton and a win vs Hamilton to go 8-6. Who knows..ect.

Yours is as probable as mine. Very difficult to predict what will happen beyond these home and home games. Riders should be very tough coming off the Bomber games. Highly unlikely they will even be tested in those so they should be big confidence boosters for a team that's had their problems the last 3 games. I see the Riders back to early season form by the time Toronto get to Regina which is not good for a Rayless Argo team.

Cats will now have to win four of their next five to be at 8-6. Could happen but their next five games are against Calgary (twice), home to BC., against Montreal in Moncton and in Toronto. They are an improving team for sure, but I cannot see them winning four of those five games. Three is certainly possible, tho.

Still possible, I was counting on a split with BC and Calgary and victories over the rest.