Ricky Ray out 6 weeks


It appears Toronto Argonauts quarterback Ricky Ray's Most Outstanding Player-like season will be derailed for as long as the next six weeks.

The CFL reported the All-Star Argos quarterback will be out for at least the next six weeks with a shoulder injury. Ray injured his shoulder in the Double Blue's 35-14 loss to the Calgary Stampeders last Friday. Specifically, Ray has a tear to the Teres Major, which is behind the shoulder. Head coach Scott Milanovich did not get specific regarding Ray's rehab.

Ray had been outstanding for the Argos this season, throwing for 1,824 yards and 15 touchdowns to zero interceptions in seven games.

Zach Collaros, who has filled in for Ray earlier in the season, will get the start for Toronto Tuesday against the Montreal Alouettes.

Has anyone heard what Calvillo's status is? Is he starting Tuesday against the argos, or is it Collaros vs Marsh?

Argos are toast. Nothing against Collaros, but that entire team revolves around Ricky Ray. It's going to be 6 very long weeks in Argoland.

All the best to RR, I like him but this drastically changes the East for sure.

6 weeks! Rickey Foley would have played with a body cast. Many players have played wearing a body cast when they have had the same injury Ray did. No reason for him to sit out, imagine putting his health ahead of the team.

heh :wink:

It's his throwing arm 3down, a tad important for a qb. :roll:

Seriously, Ray will take as much time as is needed. Get back soon, the CFL needs guys like R.R.

He was being sarcastic. He was taking a shot at our resident expert and tough guy Mr Area 51. :wink:

Yeah this us worse case scenario for them.

Tough break Argos !!! Now you got a built in excuse when we overtake you in the standings and snag 1rst place.6 weeks will take you up to game 14…which means game 15 which is you and us in Guelph…depending on how Collaros fills in could very well be the game that decides who plays who and where come the play-offs.The Argo’s have a tough stretch coming up with the back-end of the Mtl. series seeing them on the road for 4 consecutive games(Mtl/Sask/Calg/Edm)thats a tough hoe for any team to endure,especially a team without their starting Q.B. Hopefully Ricky is healthy for the stretch drive after that,because when we beat you we want it to be fair and square,so you can’t say oh the Cats won but only because of blah blah blah. Get healthy Ricky!!!So we can knock the crap out of ya come the play-offs :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

If Ray comes back as good as he was when injured nobodies D will fully contain him, however, unless they get their act together on D even Ray won't be able to put up enough points to save them. At best I see them 1-3 in their next 4 games.

The Argos could be overly optimistic. That is a tendon injury to his throwing shoulder and is slowwwww healing. Don't be surprised if he's out for the rest of the season, watch, he will be placed on the nine game.

The schedule is wacky enough this year,with all the friggin back to back games everywhere.But where would the reasoning be coming from to schedule a team with 4 consectutive games on the road ??? I mean in an 8 team league that is pretty ridiculous scheduling and thinking.Is there something going on at the Rogers for four weeks that I'm not aware of ??? I mean I realized they did this for the B.B.'s last year but that was because of the new stadium not being ready,what's the league's excuse for this one though??? If someone can fill me in.....it would be much appreciated.

I was told there is an outside chance he can be back in 4 weeks. Let's see what happens.

I was there when the guy told you there was a outside chance he could be back in 4 weeks, but the guy was kidding and being sarcastic, did you not pick up on that

Ray and Calvillo have been mostly healthy for much of their CFL careers. Lately, they have become more injury prone. Statistically as in 2012, Burris appears destined to be top quarterback in passing yards again. Perhaps, most valuable player nominee from east division?

Eastern final at Guelph University maybe? :slight_smile:

Might as well, since the don't host Eastern Finals in Hamilton :lol:

Next six games:
Vs Montreal
Vs Hamilton

wow that's a tough stretch with any QB for any team, with the West being as strong as it is even with Edmonton being competitive. I say they split Montreal and win one game either against the Riders, Stamps or Esks and I'll go out on a limb and say they lose to Hamilton. That would put them at 7-7 and Ray could still possibly miss 2 more weeks on top of that! With games @ Hamilton and @ Winnipeg they could very well be 8-8 or 7-9 by the final 2 weeks of the year!