Ricky Ray or Damon Allen?

I pick Ricky Ray because he is a really good QB

in his prime, id pick damon allen

Allen is the greatest QB in this league. But that was a few years ago and he is winding down his career, here and now Ray all the way. young great Qb Edmonton will be great this year.

All ALLEN , did last year was win the GREY CUP , MVP.AGAIN. :smiley:

right now it's Ray, if Allen was five two ten years younger it would be a hard disition to make :? .

Anyone in their right mind would take Ray over Allen right now. In their prime it might have been different, but right now Ray has a long prosperous career ahead of him and Allen is trying to get a fledgling offence going. Granted he was a grey cup mvp last year but it was their defence that got them to the grey cup.

For anyone who likes Allen better right now would you trade Ray for Allen straight up?

Allen was a good QB but Ray is a good QB, so i gotta go with Ray, good QB on a good team, gonna be a good year for Edmonton, Toronto had better get a young QB that can take over when Allen has a heart attack or something... GO LIOS

Damon Allen is great, but when I would still take Ricky Ray over Damon Allen in his preime simply because Ray makes far fewer mistkes than Allen made when he was younger

I would take Allen for best QB when compared equally, because he as proven he can win! Although, If I was a GM I would hire Ray over Allen today because of age and future potential.

:shock: I'm a huge argos fan but i would have to say ricky ray. He's just too good! :oops:

This is dumb..........ALLEN ,was the GREY CUP , MVP in 2004........RAY , hasn't play in the CFL in 2 years.........MAYBE , we should wait to see how both play this year.ALLEN , proved himself last year.