Ricky Ray on fire.

Well it is preseason but wow at the half Ray is good for 17 out of 23 passes. Dickenson 7 out 17 passes.

Redwhite!! What's with all this "well, it is preseason" garbage??!?! Wasn't it you, that just one week ago, was jumping up and down like crygary had just won the Grey Cup, when the stumps beat the Eskimos in the first pre season game? This is, after all, the talent that each respective GM has brought in to the team to compete for a job. Points in the standings may not be on the line, but competing for your livelihood, and gelling together as a team in the pre season is very important. Does any of this ring a bell? And this game is even MORE significant than last week, as it is after several rounds of cuts, and is more indicitave of the players that will actually make the team by next week. Also, the Eskimos say they were going to gameplan about 10% specifically for BC, vs 0% against the stumps. Here is my analysis, although I am not watching the game; just looking at the stats on the CFL live play by play page.

Positives (at this point of the game stats, in the 4th quarter)

  • Eskimos beating Grey Cup Champs 17-12. Yeah, I know. Nobody other than redwhite will consider a pre season score significant, but what the heck.

  • Net yards: Edm: 531 BC: 260. Not a bad offensive output, considering our #1 and #2 running backs are not playing due to injury. 490 yards passing? Are you kidding me? It's a good thing the Eskimos have no depth at QB or reciever, in your opinions, or you'd all be worried right about now. I believe Lefors got his entire 203 yards passing in the 4th quarter alone.

  • Trevor Gaylor appears to have returned to his rookie form of 2005. 6 receptions for 162 yards and a TD.

  • Rookie reciever Acree has 4 receptions for 96 yards.

  • Rahim "The Dream" Abdullah appears to be the real deal, again. 6 tackles and 1 sack.

  • Secondary has to be doing something right. Dickenson held to 7/17 for 75 yards and an int. Also, an int against Pierce. Front end must be doing something right, with 5 sacks against BC.

  • Samuels, who I believe is one of the rookies, has 5 tackles, a sack, and an int. The D as a whole, has 5 takeaways.


  • 6 giveaways

  • 3 sacks allowed

  • Ray had 1 TD pass, but 2 int's

Overall, not bad. It's a good thing the stumps weren't playing tonight, or redwhite would declare them Grey Cup champs again, after beating last years champs in a hugely important pre season game!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:

Still just an exhibition game, talk smack after winning a few real games. It was a good result with many positives but again, just an exhibition.

I was able to listen to the first half on the radio, but not the second. All I'm wondering is how the hell Lefors got 200 yards with like 4 completions!?! This was obviously a much more impressive performance for the Esks than the previous pre-season game. Hopefully this can translate well as the regular season begins next week.

The Edmonton Eskimos "Will Not" miss the playoffs again!! I'am not high on their Coach and their defense needs some adjusting but they have improved and as long as Ricky Ray stays healthy the Esks are going to do better then most people think!

Anybody have a link to game highlights that works? The one on TSN appears to be busted. I'd really like to see a bit of this game as I'll be out of town for the start of the season next week :cry:

Larry Larry Larry you never learn do you. I do like your assessment of your team. However, players and coaches do not go into a game with 0% planning and do not go into a game thinking what the4 heck why win. What is the purpose of playing this type of game. I see you have finally realized that it is to assess talent that is good Larry there is promise for you coming around. That is why there is preseason games. And yes Larry the GM's can gage their recruitment of players very good you are learning. Is the game important yes for the coaches to know who is going to make the team and who is not going to make the team. It is important each and every player because their jobs are on the line Larry. No thats see hey coach I am not going to catch the ball I do not want to win the game attitude right.
Now here is the kicker. I put something on a positivie spin for you and you still have to be well Larry!

Actually for all the total yard the Esks had, they managed only 18 points. If I were an Esks fan, that would concern me greatly. It seems the offence has picked up right where they left off from last year--good between the 20 yd lines, but brutal in the red zone.

PS-the number of turnovers the Esks had would also worry me.

The whole team, with the exception of a few players, and coaching staff worries me.

Couple of notes from last night.....

I'm kind of glad the Eskies beat us last night, not just on the scoreboard, but in the offensive yards catagory. I got the feeling watching news clips, and last weeks games that some players felt like they just had to show up to win. Perhaps 0-2 in exhibition (I know, it doesn't count for anything) will be the wake up call required.

On a positive, it was nice to see Buck Pierce do well, creating the healthy QB competition.

On another note, 31,650 bums in the seats for an aehibition game. Great fan support once again.

31,650......hell yah

...Ricky Ray is on Fire?!?!....mercy sakes, Stop Drop and Roll dude!!!!....

4 turnovers for Ray as well. Machokee has got to do something with that offensive line. BC's oline stunk it up last night as well, seems to be their achilles heal once again.

calgary seems to be way better than the competition in the west SO FAR....again...SO FAR...lol

Yes they did, all that high priced help!

Impressive? Yes.

Good to see support.

The Riders preseason game tonite has over 30,000 tickets sold.

They say its the most tix for a preseason Rider game in franchise history.

Sambo do not say red zone to an eskie fan. They dislike the color red!

OK Red your turn to chat with Larry. But really he had great stats and why not say something positive when it is deserved. For a rebuilding team (Larry) they showed signs of life. Unlike at McMahon the week before. There is a life I tell you. LIIIIIFE!

redwhite, glad to see you finally pulled your head out of your a.ss for long enough to realize that exhibition games serve no other purpose than for coaches to evaluate their players, and determine who is going to be a starter, who is going to be a backup, and who is going to be cut. It was the Eskimo coaching staff that stated they had game planned zero specifically for Calgary; so you are wrong again, my little friend. With so many new faces on the Eskimos, it really didn't matter who the opponent was. The coaches just wanted to put certain players into certain situations, and it was basically a revolving door at every position. Most players that were pencilled in to be starters hardly played at all. The starting line up for offence played ONE series. I was just poking a little fun at you for how excited you got about a stumps exhibition win, and how you were signing the death certificate for the Eskimos because they lost that exhibition game. I guess my rhetoric was a bit too subtle for your intellect. It would appear now, with considerable cuts made since the first exhibition game, and less than one week until the start of the season, that the Eskimos aren't looking so bad, afterall.

Don't worry, redwhite. The stumps may finally win a playoff game for you this year, for the first time since 2001. It would at least give you something to cheer about for a change, and perhaps reduce your hostility towards other teams. :wink: :wink: :wink: