Ricky Ray on Fire 2

Okay what went wrong here. Larry what did you do this time around? The real season starts and well Larry and Sambo we will find out how each others teams will do. There is no need to be nasty yet (Larry) and Sambo do not feed the scorpion! My take so far on the preseason for QBing in the West.

Dave Dickenson - Luck Bucky is still there Dave did not look sharp but when wally garauntees you a starting job why play hard in preseason. Buck looked very good.
Ricky Ray looked very good in the last outing but turn overs in preseason is just a matter of ironing out a few problem areas with new players. Also the team is having trouble in the red zone like last year. We have to remember the Esks do have lots of new guys in positions. Did poorly first game but came out well second game. Back up is a work in progress but I do not think they have to worry if they need him he should do okay.
Hank Burris stinks! Really he does in TC and the preseason he showed very little improvement from last year. But we do have to remember he is a slow starter why is that? But right now if he does not get his act together he should move on. The back up Smith is getting better each day and I think Calgary will not hesitate to make a change in a game if Hank does not want to be number 1.
Well the Rider qb's are winning in preseason but what worries me is thye have trouble pushing it in the red zone. Looked great between the 20 yard lines but one TD last night they could have handed it to the Stamps and did not. The good thing is that both QB's are in tight to see who is going to be number 1.

...larry gets another topic locked, big surprise...

....good assessment rw05....

Well, 05,if you are going to discuss this with larry, keep it on an intelligent level(I know YOU will), so that a certain mod doesnt lose anymore IQ points and still be able to teach... :roll:

Since another mod first moved to off topic, and then locked, your highly intelligent and usefull "no decorum in da forum" thread, I figured I'd do my best to bring it back to life, under another name.

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Well Larry I am puzzled what are talking about? Right! I am a moron how would I understand? But seriously you must hold a record for most threads being locked. Why do you suppose?

I'm not a complete idiot -- Some parts are missing.

To take a stab at guessing the answer to that question would suggest that I care. But I don't.

Sorry Larry I really do not know where you are going with this but let me take a shot. Could this be about the humor of my good buddy redandwhite. If it is you need to know redandwhite to really get the feel of his humour. Really if you can not laugh from that then you might be taking the idea of this forum to seriously. Take it easy your Eskies have a very slight chance of making the playoffs (humour) and they may be way ahead of the field (humour) but one thing you know is that they have a good chance of making the play offs with the riders in the division (humour). You see that is how it works. Try it but here is the big test my good old buddy from the northern tundra. You can not use idiot, moron or ignorant in your next post. :lol: Can he do it! :roll:

redwhite, you are an ignorant, moronic, idiot. Other than that, I do get the humour on this site. I just choose to not take the number of "locked threads" too seriously. Maybe I should. But I have more fun doing it my way.

Perhaps Smith will give the stumps a slight chance of winning a playoff game this year. Lord knows, it ain't happening with Burris.

Ricky Ray is good, yes. And thats nice for you, him and Edmonton. HOWEVER.

What you may have failed to notice is that he was the passing leader last year. And the shmoes didn't even make the playoffs. Just because 1 player on a football team is playing well does not mean the TEAM will win. Yes he is an important part of the puzzle, at qb. But he does not make a FULL team by himself.

What in the hell of it is this thread about?

Oh and Go Riders.

Thanks Larry I did not think you thought so kindly of me. You really should take locked threads seriously. You have lots to offer us. Maybe eliminate the historical jabber, the insults and then you have it down. But no I like the way you post now.

Over your head again Jman. The thread is about how well Ricky Ray played in the game the other night. Yes Ricky Ray played very well and that is to be expected. Thats not bring up the past (shhhh Larry likes that)we are discusssing this years games. I think the Eskies will be in the thick of things. Younger team but weak at coach is my opinion.

eyebleed, I did not fail to notice anything. What YOU fail to notice is that the stubble jumpers haven't had a QB capable of winning a Grey Cup in 18 years. I would think that you, more than anybody else, would not underestimate the importance of the QB. A QB can't win a Grey Cup all on his own, but he is the single most important position on a CFL football team. Just ask your head coach, who is what now, 50 years old? He was the last QB to win you a Grey Cup, in the 1980's. He'll tell you how important it is to have a top QB to build your team around.

Sounds good, redwhite. Perhaps take your head out of your a.ss, stop bringing up the past, especially when it's something as insignificant as an exhibition game, and quit trolling around the forum, looking for threads to annoy people.

Oh, and please follow my advice and get a life. Your 8,704 posts in just over 2 years (10.71 posts per day) is starting to worry me. It's one thing to enjoy a website, and make the occasional post. It's another thing completely to live there, and have no friends nor activities outside the internet, because you have to get your required 11 posts a day in, on top of reading every single post, looking for opportunities to type like a 4 year old, and be a general a.ss. Seriously, dude. I'm sure you could find some real friends to round out your life, if you got involved in some activities in your community, and actually went OUTSIDE. Plus, if you started going to a real school, and quit home schooling, you may actually learn what punctuation and spelling is.

I still don't see any killer instinct in the stumps. They may perhaps have another mediocre year, with 9-11 wins, but there won't be any playoff game to celebrate, my friend.