Ricky Ray not sure if he will be healthy for training camp

Toronto Argonauts quarterback Ricky Ray, who is recovering from off-season shoulder surgery, said he is not yet sure if he will be fully recovered for the start of training camp in June.
“I don’t know, it’s hard to say,? Ray said on the phone Friday from northern California. “I don’t know how long things will take when I do start throwing and how my arm is going to react.?
He said, however, that his rehab is going well and he’s had no setbacks. There is typically a six-month recovery process for this type of surgery.
Ray was operated on in late November to repair the torn labrum in his right shoulder as well as a small tear in his right rotator cuff.
“I still have soreness,? Ray said. “For the first few months you’re just letting it heal and not using the arm very much. It’s weak. It gets sore and gets tired.?
Ray started by doing some stretching in January and that has progressed to light lifting. He won’t start throwing until the end of April.
At age 35, Ray gets these fleeting thoughts if he can ever be the same quarterback again.
“It is late in my career, and it can be in your mind a little bit,? Ray said. “But it’s not something I’m worried about now.?
Ray sometimes gets impatient in his recovery and wants to speed things up.
“There’s times where I feel, ‘Man, I could be doing more.’ But you know that you got to wait for certain things to happen. Obviously, I wish I could be out throwing right now.?
Ray first hurt the arm in 2013 against the Calgary Stampeders, and the shoulder did not respond the way he wanted it to last season, even though he was the leading passing in the league.
“It was a constant battle all year long dealing with weakness and soreness and pain,? Ray said.
He said he hasn’t even thought about starting the season as a backup to Trevor Harris if he needs more time to heal.
“I don’t know,? he said. “Obviously, I’ve got to deal with whatever I need to do to be ready. I have no idea what’s going to happen.?

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Wish the best for him but definitely changes things for the Argos if he's not ready to go or basically done with a dead arm.

As a fan of this league, I wish every player good health. I want to see the best players perform week in and week out.

I hope not.
If true, it makes some of us Argos fans wish we still had Zach as our QB.
You lucky Cats.

Not good news for the Boatmen.......I wonder if Kerry Joseph is available ? :roll:

Injuries can happen to any player at any time. We lost Zach for about half a season last year and got him back just in time to save the team.

In Ray’s case, his age (35) may work against him in the healing process.

Precisely why I wanted for the Argos to keep Zach and trade Ricky last year.
Now with his age, previous injuries, there is a diminishing return for any possible trade.
The next major injury like last year unfortunately could result in retirement.

what is his Geriatrician saying ?

Not good. The team did almost nothing in the off season to better themselves, their best guys are getting old, the D is either old or unproven and now Ray is less than 100%??

2015 is shaping up to be a disaster for the Argos.

An Argo-Cat fan

Not to mention that Ray along with Owens are on the final year of their contracts as well as GM Barker and HC Milanovich and all remain at the present time not signed past this season.

This from a fan of a team that rode Danny McManus right to the bitter end, when he was well past his best-before date.

Ray's 35. That's not young, but it's not Damon Allen territory either. If he gets healthy, he could be productive for three to five more years.

Ray and Owens would command the two most expensive contracts in the players group and Barker and Milanovich would be the highest paid in the football operations group IMO.
If David Braley is actively trying to sell the team or is close to a sale, committing the team to these four costly contracts (totally say $1.5 to $1.75M annually?) at this time may complicate his efforts.
Ray, Owens, Barker and Milanovich should all be retained with salary increases IMO, but a new prospective owner may not see it that way.

During that time, the ownership in Hamilton let a lot of talent walk away. They pulled back mightily on spending and, as a result, the team was on the downswing.

Danny was doing his best in a bad situation.

Old Fan, Sad but a true account of the previous mindset that believed you don't have to develope a QB. I am confident Kent Austin will develope backup QB's. The only one who I am uncertain of his assessment is Massolli.........

It wouldn't surprise me that during those years, Danny was the ONLY guy being paid regularly. In cash. While everyone else had to race each other to the nearest bank to deposit their cheques before they bounced...

You think Owens and Ray will get a RAISE with the next contracts?
In a cap league and as a Cats fan I hope that happens but Ray is rumored to be paid $450K/season. They will not pay a 36 year old injury prone QB more than that.

Agreed. It’s a bit of a pickle for the Argos and a bit disapointing if they suck this year. Nothing like the rivalry being healthy and competitive!

Not only a 36 year old injury prone QB but also a 34 year old injury prone Chad Owens as well. Owens will celebrate his 33rd birthday this week on April 3. IMO depending on how this season unfolds in Toronto,don't be surprised if neither Ray or Owens is back or re-signed for the 2016 season. This upcoming 2015 season could very well be the final one in Toronto for both these guys.

Not a chance as long as Braley, Barker and Milanovich are still running the Argos IMO. Ray is the best passer in the league and is tailor-made for Milanovich's offense. A healthy Owens is a bargain at a reported $225,000.
You don't fire two of your best players because they got injured. You get rid of them if and when you find somebody who's (a) better or (b) just as good but cheaper.

I just threw up a bit in my mouth when I read this. The 2ouche is THE most over-paid, under-performing, hot-headed egomaniac in the league. There is no way a healthy 2ouche is is of more value to the blew team than a healthy Fantuz is to the Tiger-Cats. And yet you think he's a "bargain" at $225k, while Andy (a National) makes a base of $170k, IIRC? You can certainly see what's wrong with the franchise when they are SEVERELY over-paying broken, aging players and paying the rest peanuts...