Ricky Ray - Next Big CFL Coach-in-Training

Prolly around 70-30 that Ricky Ray plays one more year. Why not? He's fairly healthy, had a great season, has all that amazing CFL experience. Besides, he's got the CFL's best overall coach and prolly the best offensive coach he's had since his early days in Edmonton.

I suspect the final decision will be made once Popp has evaluated who he wants to be Ray's successor. Whether its Brando Bridge or James Franklin I suspect its in Ray's best interest to tutor either of these guys until they're fully ensconced in the Trestman system.

After that - Ray might want to continue his career as Trestman's trainee and head coach in waiting w/ the Argos. Who better to learn from than Trestman?

If Popp decides to roll with Fajardo and another hobo then I suspect Ray must stay as the #1. If Popp brings in a guy like Franklin (or Bridge) then Ray stays around as the de facto #1 but they give plenty of time to the heir apparent.

In 3 to 5 years Ray should be ready to ascend into head coaching - perhaps even the best prospect out of the CFL to be an offensive assistant in the NFL.

Where better to continue making $400k to $550k than being a CFL head coach or an NFL assistant?