Ricky Ray looks mortal

RR has looked average most of the season. And the biggest game of the year and no big plays.

Check down pass after check down. Is the Al's secondary really that good? Argos you have the best QB of this generation and it comes down to the final weekend to secure a spot.

The possibility of the CFL playoffs with no RR is just not good. Here's to hoping the Als demolish the Ti-Cats next weekend and RedBlacks do their part and don't find their game.

Well maybe for Ricky, but 4,595 yards and 28 TDs with one game to go is pretty good in my books. Especially with the cast of receivers he has had to work with most of the year. Ricky at 35 years old isn't quite as good now IMO, as I think his arm strength is starting to drop a little bit. But he can still get by on something most of the others don't have, accuracy.

I think it is that the Montreal defense is that good especially against the Argos.
Thorpe game plans really well against the Canadian West coast offense.
As well there are still a lot of key players that were on Montreal's defense from Trestman. So they went up against that offense every week in practice.
The looks to be make him check down and not give him any passes downfield. As well once he does check down the defense rally's to the ball and makes the tackle the first time. Good form tackling with wrapping and driving the player to the ground. Opposed to trying to make the big hit to try to cause the fumble where the tackle is missed and yards are gained after the catch.
Chooing the former is making Toronto have to punt and getting the ball back that way.

That Montreal defense is really rounding into form. I can see some of Don Mathews finger prints on the Als defense now. Also a Mathews prodigy in Chris Jones out in Edmonton. A Montreal - Edmonton Grey Cup isn't out of the question now IMO.

Toronto Sun is reporting Ricky Ray suffered a concussion.

[url=http://www.torontosun.com/2014/11/02/argos-drop-critical-game-against-alouettes]http://www.torontosun.com/2014/11/02/ar ... -alouettes[/url]

I had a feeling with how his helmet hit the turf that was the case. That or his shoulder popped out again. Either way, I would think if he's been concussed, he's not making it onto the field this week.

C'est toujours dommage de voir un grand quart comme Ray tomber au combat.

Ray a eu ses hauts et ses bas, mais je crois qu'il a souffert d'avoir perdu à la fois Durie et Owens, puis Barnes. On ne parle plus de la même brigade sans ces joueurs.

D'autre part, la défensive des Alouettes n'a alloué que 10.4 points par partie lors des 5 dernières, incluant celle de dimanche dernier. C'est une défensive très coriace et il faut à la fois un solide jeu au sol et un solide jeu aérien pour en venir à bout.

Est-ce que la tertiaire des Alouettes est aussi coriace qu'on le dit? Oui. Elle compte sur quatre joueurs qui sont dans cette ligue depuis plusieurs saisons (Brown, Parker, Tisdale et Brouillette) en plus de deux excellents prospects arrivés cette saison (White et Ellis). Ils ont de bons jeunes en réserve avec Mike Edem, Andew Lue et Chris Smith. Honnêtement, c'est une formation très solide.

D'autre part, les Alouettes ont plusieurs secondeurs rapides qui peuvent faire du bon travail en couverture de passe. Cox est un ancien demi défensif. Bear Woods et Winston Velable peuvent suivre des receveurs d'une façon très honnête.

Les Alouettes ont utilisé plusieurs formations à 3 joueurs en-avant, et même à 2 joueurs en pression. Ça veut dire qu'il y avait souvent 9 ou 10 joueurs pour en couvrir au plus 6. Les Alouettes ont fermé les zones profondes à Ray et ont rappliqué rapidement sur le ballon lorsqu'il complétait une passe dans les zones courtes et intermédiaires.

D'autre part, il faut constater que les Alouettes ont aussi profité des largesses de Chris Van Zeyl pour mettre beaucoup de pression sur Ray. Ils ont bien contenu Slaton et les options de Ray étaient bien limitées. Il aurait fallu que la ligne à l'attaque des Argonauts jouent une excellente partie pour que les Argonauts sortent gagnants de cette confrontation, mais ce n'est pas arrivé.

There is no doubt about it, Montreal has a good experienced defense and they seem to be getting better as the season winds down. Good pass rush and tremendous at pursuing the ball carriers. Their offensive line is better than the Argos as well as their receivers.
The only equalizer is Ricky Ray and if he is healthy the Argos have a chance, but IMO Montreal will be in the Grey Cup November 30 in Vancouver.