Ricky Ray is the most over rated QB in the league

Again the offense couldn't come through. I understand that we were on our third string running back, but our top of the league quarterback has looked bad in the last four playoff games (including the grey cup win) and incredibly average in the regular season (missed the playoffs 3 years and cross over 1 year). Too much money spent on an underacheiving QB has hurt the team. Scouts and head office have not brought in the talent. Bring back Norm Kimball. The Esks miss him like the Oilers miss Barry Fraser. There are players available outside of Louisianna.

He led the league in passing, seems a bit above average doesn't it?

Ray played Good today not great but good , his receivers let him down, and they really didn't get Whitlock into the game which I think was the key, establish the Run Game . Our D was on the Field way to much today

ya but he didnt go out there and win the game on his own...he will never be good enough till he throws it 80 yeards on a dime runs out there catches it and stops the other team on defense. ray is the best player on your team and the only real reason...hes the best player on your team...not that there arent good players on your team but hes ridiculous. every qb is average at times...the diff between AC and ray is that AC's team plays good enough to hide AC's poor play. if that was a reason to release a talented player burris would have been gone off the stamps years ago LOL and it wasnt that they didnt establish whitlock but that calgary kept him corralled long enough to make the eks have to pass to try and catch up.

I agree with oilerrocker... It wasn't Ray. It was the offence as a whole. Poor play calling, more dropped passes by the receivers. There's only so much Ray can do. As Jakob pointed out... the guy isn't Superman.

I would like to see Ray retire here . I think he is one of the great Eskimos QB . The only QB I would trade is Maas only cause i think this guy could start for most other teams in the CFL He's a class act.

Maas had an opportunity to start in Hamilton and Montreal and showed he does not have the talent or the mental toughness to carry a team. Maas would have a hard time finding a #2 job on just about any team in the CFL.

It doesn't matter which QB played for Hamilton before this year, that whole team was crappy. Even Brett Favre would of been crappy. So ticat fans its kind of hard for you to judge QBs on your team.

( just a Bomber fan )

pot calling the kettle black here...

Glenn was the best QB for the Cats.. should have been the starter from day 1.

Im not going as far as to say its Ray's fault, cause it isnt, the WHOLE OFFENSE looked terrible, my highschool offense coulda put up more points... Anyways, Ray did poor, the receivers were attrocious! Oline wasnt too bad, gotta give a lil more time... One play that pissed me straight off was when when elected to get sacked and made it 2nd and 40... THROW THE THING AWAY YOU STUPID IDIOT, and then the next play he throws a 3 yard pass! BOMB THE BALL, if it gets intercepted 50 yards down field its better than what PREF can PUNT anyone with a brain stem can figure that thing out!
hahaha but be4 i get carried away...

The Defense i thought played decent, the DB's again crapped the bed though...

idk, the esks lost because they didnt come ready to play, plain and simple, if your a Pro dropping more than one or two passes, your mentally not ready for that game... plain and simple.

as far as receivers dropping balls...im not saying this is a good excuse, but could have had an impact...on that first hit by milt collins...i think it sent a message right away...and i think that maybe some of those drops could have been influenced by that (the whole hearing footsteps deal), i know someone will say as a pro you cant let that affect you, and that someone would be 100% correct, but at the end of the day they are all human and they all do get rattled. while this is not the single answer to the problems...i think it was a big way to send momentum in calgarys direction. sure edmonton scored first but that was the only time they took a lead, just my opinion

Personally, I blame it on Kevin Strasser. Receivers didn't start dropping balls left and right until he was named OC.

Sorry to slide off topic here. . . but everytime someone mentions Strasser. . . all I can think of is Claude Rains (as Louis Reynaud) saying “Major Strasser has been shot !! . . . Round up the usual suspects”.

If you don’t know the movie Casablanca, you won’t understand that one. . .

...'play it again Sam'....might jog a few memories MadJack.... but alas,i think Boggie would only be a golf term to alot these days.. :roll:

I'm with you there and there's no way anyone should think about sending him off somewhere else. The guy's damn good and can throw pinpoint. My only knock on him is that sometimes he shows p*ss poor instincts. There was one play where he tried to force a ball to Peterson when the guy was covered and Ray had a good 20 yards of open field in front of him and an easy 1st down if he'd just tucked it in and ran. That drive stalled immediately. Then there was the near INT miss on the out pattern that would have definitely resulted in a Calgary TD. You can't do that stuff in playoff games.

Still trying to get 3rd and 40 out of my head. The Esks were right on the brink of winning that game on that posession. What a nightmare.

are you sure i think he would look damn good in red and white :stuck_out_tongue: :lol:

Why would you want him? You have Hnery Burris? :lol: Or are you starting to buy into what Cobra’s saying? :o

im going to be honest with you...if i had a chance id swap you for burris. im getting frustrated with him and he's playing way to inconsistent recently, wish we had a solid backup to make him work harder for his spot...not saying i want ray as that backup lol im not dellusional but someone.

I can understand, because I'd definitely take Ray over Burris. :lol: I get what you're saying.

if anything the guy is underrated, no one ever talks about how he led the league in passing. if he had a decent receiving corps or at least a consistent one than he would shine again. you can tell that alot of the issues were either receivers dropping balls or running shoddy routes. but when the latter happens it is usually blamed on the qb, cause it goes in his incompletion column and nobody really knows where they went wrong. im not an edmonton fan but i really admire ray's abilities and what he could do for any team in this league, other than toronto, no qb could walk into TO right now and be successful lol)