Ricky Ray inks one year deal

...no QB problems in TO it would seem...

Franklin must be pissed off

Well, he didn't have to sign when he did. He knew Ray had yet to announce his decision.

Unless ... the Argos were holding Franklin hostage. You know, crimes against humanity, making him beg for breakfast, scaring him with live bats ... that kind of thing.

This is nice and big time news for CFL. Well done TO.

I knew he’d come back.
He’s one healthy season away from moving into 3rd all-time passing yardage.

This Guy is a Icon and a really nice guy/player,

Class all the way combined with talent and resiliency coming back from injuries.

anyone know the value of RR contract!!!!!!!!!!

Made this household happy this weekend. Needed something without Vikings being in the SB.

Will this be Franklin's 4th or 5th year now knowing he's backup before training camp even begins? That's gotta get old eventually.

Great news! Ricky Ray is one very good QB!

You can be assured Franklin will get plenty of playing time this year. RR has no problem sitting a bit
and staying healthy.

Don’t get me wrong, I like the older guys at QB contributing - but it seems so odd to have a highly talented guy like Franklin riding the bench for yet another season (4th or 5th now?) while the older guys take the reps. It sure conflicts with the CFL’s ‘talk/desire’ of wanting to develop young QBs. Franklin is aging (and possibly deteriorating) right before us without having any chance to contribute.

I’m not so sure. If RR is lighting it up as their starter I can’t see that changing unless injury becomes a factor. Argo fans don’t care who is playing, they only seem to respond to wins and that’s what the club needs to get more bums into the seats. Ricky Ray is once again the commodity at QB for 2018 that they feel most comfortable with. Ray is a fair man, and I can see that he would willingly take a step back to help Franklin develop, but the wins still need to occur simultaneously. It’s gonna be interesting to watch this play out.

A year being with RR and Franklin will be so much better of a qb. RR is dynamite with his composure and resilience coming back from injuries and leading the Argos to Grey Cups and doing this in a city that generally doesn't even appreciate him in many ways because he plays "in the CFL". This knowledge he will be able to impart to Franklin, I believe, to make him an excellent CFL player going forward.

There’s no doubt that Franklin will learn under RR.
I thought he was doing that the last 3 seasons in Edmonton behind Reilly.

Is his next mentorship step after this one - to learn under BLM or Collaros?
When does it end for Franklin? Seemingly, Brandon Bridge has already surpassed Franklin in QB developmental steps, and Bridge is younger. Very odd.

Hate to bring up the NFL again but hey, look at Foles, sometimes it just doesn't happen until it happens, an injury often, and bingo, you're the man. I bet a lot of people watching that SB are saying "WTF, this guy isn't a legit starter in the NFL???"

Franklin's time is just about there I'd say, very close. So many guys on the bubble and just need a legit chance under the right coach, team, organization etc. and timing, being at the right place at the right time.

Now that Ricky is coming back, I hope Marc will have several packages for Franklin to get him in the game?
Even though this is contrary to his coaching style.

Hurrah, glad to see him return. Classy guy and a great QB.

I have a feeling he'll see plenty of action this year. He might even start as the season progresses.