Ricky Ray Injured?

Herb Zurkowsky
Hearing Toronto QB Ricky Ray's out rest of the season with a punctured lung

Matthew Scianitti ?@TSNScianitti 19m19 minutes ago
Ricky Ray did not practice Thurs & Milanovich says Ray has an upper body injury. Needs to practice tomorrow if he is to play vs #Ticats #CFL

Ouch! If it's really a worst case scenario then I can look forward to my non-host playoff game credit for next season.

Hey if the CFL had a draft lottery, I know where I'm putty my money on :lol:

Wow, honestly I'm not even upset about the LD loss anymore, the fact that he was even out there at all is miraculous, assuming it happened during the game.

Something was definitely not right after halftime, he looked like the 2005 Ray at times during the first half but the 2nd half more like Cleo Lemon.

Time to start thinking about next year I guess :frowning:

Possible available QB's, for a high price

Burris - He can turn team around
Willy - Could be had
Glenn - high draft pick, maybe 2nd rounder
Tate - I don't think he has ever started
Franklin - Becomes a Free Agent after this season
Masoli -
Lulay -

I'm betting it was the Adrian Tracey hit on the Courtney Stephen pick

Suitor suggested Durant may be available

Do we try and get one of those guys or eat the season and try and get Kilgore or LeFevour up to speed with more game reps? I think it's better to develop a QB instead of getting a 40 year old for the season and still being unsure about the future, but the small-as-it-is fanbase may give up if the season is a throwaway, and crowds could get ugly.

Considering there is a crossover spot in play. I doubt TO will get any help from other teams.

Definitely bad news if true for those Argos but on the bright side they now have a built in excuse for when they miss the playoffs this year. You would have to think that this could finally be the end of Ricky Ray who at age 37 has been on the IL it seems more than the active roster the last couple of seasons.The preliminary word so far is that ex-Cat Dan LeFevour will get the start on Sunday at BMO.

here's more about the situation : http://3downnation.com/2016/09/08/argos ... n-reports/

If true, this again speaks volumes into the horrible management decision of keeping an aging QB with 3 major injuries the past three years.
At the expense of letting go a blue chip MOP type in Collaros and then the true definition of stupidity repeating the same thing with Harris.
Even if Ray is not hurt, the same story applies as his best before date has long passed.
I have been calling now for a while for the firing of Barker and Milanovich on another site and periodically mentioning here as well.

Looks like it's true, he's not only out for the season but possibly the end of his career.

[url=https://ca.sports.yahoo.com/blogs/cfl-55-yard-line/ricky-ray-out-for-rest-of-the-season-with-punctured-lung--according-to-zurkowsky-195604763.html]https://ca.sports.yahoo.com/blogs/cfl-5 ... 04763.html[/url]

.....Willy to the rescue??? Bombers want a lot and so they should...We're presently looking at a playoff spot and I would hate to have to go into them without a solid back-up...Walters is talking though and apparently the asking price is very high...a current player on their roster and a top pic...Barker will most likely decline and try to make a deal for Burris,Glenn or even Lulay to finish the year...Willy could???be their future...certainly has showed more than LeFevour in my books...So is it a deal...or no deal...Willy to T.O....only the gm's know for sure... :wink:

Sadly, the years and injuries keep piling up. I don't think this injury is something that he can't recover from, but at what point does a guy say enough is enough? :cry:

Do you think Bell and Tan still have favours to call in from Braley? How does Buono feel about his 3rd- (and/or4th-) string QB? I could see Lulay moving east if the price is right. He's got to be costing them a fair bit of coin.

During the game-day thread I opined that Ray had either bruised or fractured ribs. I didn't know he had a punctured lung but that's what Lawless just told me.

Pretty easy to see the guy was in distress and Milanovich was oblivious to it.

Ray was wincing, and wincing hard.

An automaton like Ricky Ray is normally about as expressionless as Lydia Ko during a round of women's golf. When he's wincing something went terribly wrong.

Pretty cheap for the argos training staff to miss this serious injury. Obviously coaches are trained to not care about the health of their players - that's their stock as pro coaches. But trainers and the team training staff should have noticed something was wrong. They didn't - and now Ray is gone for the season - possibly facing an end to a very nice career.

As far as pulling favour Barker is a silver-tongued devil but he's not gonna get a top QB hand-delivered to him. Kevin Glenn is obviously available for a minor price - 3rd or 4th rd CIS pick. Willy might yield a 1st or 2nd pick plus a starting DL or RB.........
Durant would be a good trick a devil like Corky might pull on the western conference - getting Durant into Toronto would fortify the Argos and make the crossover even tougher.

Others - Lulu from BC, Tate from Cowtown, Burris from Redblacks!

.....Wow...Durant???If the pitchforks aren't out now in Regina, I think they would be if Corky pulls the plug on Durant...Tennessee might not be far enough to run...Of course Jonesie might be able to sell some of the local yokels on a deal IF Barker gives them the farm...but knowing the cheeseburgler, he'll want to send the riders scraps, convinced that Durant has past his best before date..Argos caught between a rock and a hard place for sure.

Why Ray was even brought back in the first place is the question.

Hopefully Milanovich and Barker are given the boot at the end of the season.

Even inveterate rider fans (psychopaths, lemmings and farmhands) were prepared for Corky to ditch Dairy Maid when either Mike Reilly or James Franklin come available. Unless the Riders run the table their season is pretty much locked into getting the #1 draft pick overall - maybe competing with Toronto for the #1. So that's the exact reason Durant is probably looking at travel plans and hotel rates in Toronto - a possible deal could involve:

  • Durant to TO for argos #1 pick in 2017
  • Argos send a neg lister plus a 2nd rounder to the Riders
  • some conditional elements

Argos season isn't completely down the drain but certainly will be if Carnival Barker can't bring in an experienced boy to take snaps. Field Mouse Glenn would be the obvious guy - as he'd be available for a song - maybe a dance to boot.

Lulay might have the same restrictions as Ray - shoulder surgeries - lack of speed and getting old with a bullet. Drew Tate prolly the best option but I don't see Calgary giving up their insurance policy.

Willy is Winnipeg's insurance policy but his days in Wpg are numbered. That insurance policy is in monopoly money - not a real currency in today's CFL. Willy might be better in an offense designed for Ricky Ray (dink 'n dump) than sulking as Wpg's back-up til season end (where he'll be quickly released from future obligations)

Milanovich is trained never to be concerned about the health of his QB. Ray is of such durable stock that he wouldn't say anything unless he collapsed on the bench. Barker was too busy trolling the buffet to notice Ray was wincing badly. But the argos training staff should have noticed Ray's extreme discomfort and waived a white flag.

No doubt one of Barker and/or Milanovich, possibly both will be dispatched next season.

With a decent QB the argos are still in position to fend off a western challenge crossover!

Yes. He took a vicious hit on that one. Full credit for getting back up and not being a puss about it.

I would take Durant to Toronto in a heartbeat. What a massive coup that would be for Barker and the Argos.

As I explained when he tore his shoulder up, Ricky Ray's career ended two years ago.