Ricky Ray Injured?

Matthew Scianitti ?@TSNScianitti 13m13 minutes ago
Ricky Ray did not practice Thurs & Milanovich says Ray has an upper body injury. Needs to practice tomorrow if he is to play vs #Ticats #CFL

Herb Zurkowsky
Hearing Toronto QB Ricky Ray's out rest of the season with a punctured lung

That's too bad for Ricki if it's true

You could see that he was in pain towards the end of the last game

That's the hit he took from Adrian when CS made the end zone pick

Ray came off holding his side

Ray to be replaced by Dan LeFevour for the next match with Ham. Should be interesting. :cowboy:

I noticed a story about this on CFL.ca. It said that Ray was out for the rest of the season and it was a punctured lung. After I looked at another story and went back to news page, the story was gone.

Maybe its not verified yet.

According to Zurkowsky on yahoo, he's gone for the year and possibly the end of his career

[url=https://ca.sports.yahoo.com/blogs/cfl-55-yard-line/ricky-ray-out-for-rest-of-the-season-with-punctured-lung--according-to-zurkowsky-195604763.html]https://ca.sports.yahoo.com/blogs/cfl-5 ... 04763.html[/url]

Given Ray's injury history, the Argos were stupid for keeping Ray over Collaros and Harris, and now they will suffer. And keep selling less and less tickets.

Unless the Ticats suddenly trade Toronto the rights to Manziel...


Oh please please.....

I have to be honest and say that if Ray is not able to play on Sunday, I see it as a big plus for the Cats in the rematch, and must say it looks good on Jim Barker, and his suspect player moves. At the same time, my heart goes out to a man who comes across as a decent, high quality guy and most definitely a high quality player. The league will be poorer for his loss should he decide to call it quits.

Don't kid yourself. Look at how Ray's initial trade to Toronto happened. Everything single Eskimo and Ti-Cat fan screamed in anger when that farce went down.

Don't be surprised if suddenly Durant gets traded to "Rebuild and shed cap costs" and gets shipped to Toronto in a trade for some magic beans and a couple draft picks. Hey, at the very least there's Drew Wily.

Now that would just be cruel....

That article gave a good summary of Ray's recent injury history. It is unfortunate that Ray's season is apparently over, and I hope that his career isn't over. I'd prefer not to see his career end the way Calvillo's did, with an injury.

LeFevour may be the starter for now. But once again, I have to wonder how much potential Kilgore and Fajrado have.

He's scared..

He took some pretty good legal hits and i loved every minute.

Matthew Scianitti ?@TSNScianitti 22m22 minutes ago
#CFL sources: Ricky Ray doesn't have punctured lung. Lung partially deflated. Fine now. Has rib fracture. Season not done.Out 4-6 wks #Argos

Matthew Scianitti ?@TSNScianitti 22m22 minutes ago
Also from #CFL sources: Can confirm earlier reports QB Dan LeFevour will start for the #Argos this weekend vs #Ticats

When the Argo's let Harris get away...I wondered what the hell were they thinking in TO.
As much as I do have great respect for Ray..
Father Time..is not on his side.
Perhaps Ray will return in 4 to 6 weeks..perhaps not.
This latest injury will pretty much end any chances for them getting into the play-offs, ever mind the Grey Cup.
Dan is not the answer for the Boatmen and they have no one else that can save this sinking ship...
As a long time Cat Fan, that truly hates the Argo's.
I do feel bad for any Team that loses a starting QB..we have gone through it here as well...and it is not fun.
Barker made this mess, now he has to lay in it. :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

Out 4 to 6 weeks? 6 weeks from now would be week 18 in Calgary then they have a bye week and finish off in Edmonton. They wouldn't make the playoffs anyway even with a healthy Ray.

Ricky has been a class act from day 1. I was at the GC in Edmonton in '02 and remember listening to the post-game show where there was such excitement about the team's future despite a disappointing home loss. The next year he had an amazing drive (I think in the third Q) with a series of 3rd down conversions in the GC. Great stuff. I hope his career doesn't end this way. I'd rather beat the argos with him at the helm.

Ricky is as TOUGH AS NAILS and never whines he just keeps getting up and playing. It really pisses me off how little many people think about this class act. He isn't why Toronto lost Labour Day. I think he was injured on what I'm still calling a late hit but he did get punished by a much better D line then the Argos O line. This guy was showing signs of sucking wind after that hit in the end zone but continued playing, GREAT TRAINING STAFF Toronto! WTH!!!!!!! Were you waiting for him to die on the bloody field? As an almost 54 year old very long time CFL fan it's about the health of these players that matters most not winning a game. Yes it's a game but in the overall picture you have to protect these players from themselves. I can't believe they allowed him back on the field in that shape. WAKE UP MILO!!!! Your head is way to far up your arse.

Chris O'LearyVerified account ?@olearychris 10m10 minutes ago
Milanovich said he believed Ray’s injury happened on interception he threw at the 4-yd line. Ray stayed in and finished the game #CFL #argos



And Now this

Matthew Scianitti ?@TSNScianitti 8m8 minutes ago
Milanovich also says #Argos LT Josh Bourke will not play vs #Ticats & says Bourke status should be clearer next week #CFL

Maybe so, but the Argo fan believes it to be the case. You need to respect the beliefs of others.