Ricky Ray in Double Blue?

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Could Ricky Ray become an Argonaut before the 2011 season?

Maybe, maybe not.

The Argos are said to have an interest in the Edmonton Eskimos quarterback, who is believed to be the highest-paid player in the Canadian Football League at approximately $450,000 a year.

But Argos head coach Jim Barker has not contacted Eskimos general manager Eric Tillman about the possibility of trading for Ray.

As it stands now, the Eskimos are leaning toward keeping Ray for next year. As with any player, though, that could change during the winter.

i have to say, Tillman can't be stupid enough to let Ricky Ray go.

as much as i dont see this happening, often times, where there is smoke, there is fire… and this is not the first we’ve heard of ricky ray with the argos in recent months.

Is this all we’re going to hear during the off-season? Gonna be a looong winter. :?

I doubt it Chief, I'd imagine we'll hear a lot about how the Eskies will only win a game or two next season, stuff like that. :smiley:

Well, depends on how well the two teams can count on sunday. Some simple additional problems in the last Grey Cup gave us plenty to talk about!