Ricky Ray gone for the season?

I don't know what replay you're looking at, I just looked at the replay again in case I was remembering it. Ricky Ray just released the ball when an upright Anderson tackled him above the waste. It was a clean hit. I don't think the Argo linesman had any effect on the injury, I think he would have twisted whether he was there or not.

So I'm assuming he's out at most 4 or 5 games, and I wouldn't be surprised if he was playing next week.

Not sure about Kakkert because I didn't see his injury last night, but Ricky Ray looked okay in the fourth quarter walking off the field under his own, I'm sure it's not as bad as expected, hopefully not for two good players in the CFL. Both Toronto and Winnipeg sustained many injuries last night, it seems to be a trend this year with most CFL teams, many injuries.

Ray has a sprain. The OP is probably a frustrated drunk Bomber fan.

1st- why assume the OP is a Bomber fan, could be be an Argo fan or Mont. has blue. Maybe he/she just likes blue.
2nd- Why assume OP is happy those players are hurt? He/she doesn't say that ! So much is taken wrongly from the written word.

Based on last years similar injury that lasted only a couple of weeks and Ray walking after the game, here is hoping.
Also for Kackert.

Kackert's knee looked swollen, so I think he is in worse shape than Ray. You can still walk on a muscle tear, just depends on how big and deep the tear is. I had a friend who was returning a kickoff, planted wrong, and heard a pop in the knee. He was able to finish off the game, but as it turns out it was a torn ACL. Of course it took him a year to finally get into surgery (gotta love Saskatchewan health care), but he was still able to walk on it in the mean time, and wore a brace when doing any sort of running or lifting.

It's not if you win or lose, it's how many Argos you put in the hospital :lol:
That hit by Etienne was classic! He took out 2 defenders with both knees.

Speaking of knees, I wonder how Ricky Ray and Chad Kackert are doing. They both may be gone for the year :twisted:

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He's a F... Disgrace.

Sorry HfxTC and all. I missed that tidbit. The OP truly is a POS !

Ricky Ray's was a football play. Not late, not dirty, just unfortunate. Now the hit on Kackert was as dirty as they come. Should have been flagged and he should be suspended. He went straight for Kackerts knees, absolutely no need for that garbage in any league.

No, he went low to make the tackle 100% legal. Just unfortunate timing. find me a rule you can't tackle in open field like that?

True, there is no rule about how low you can tackle (at least not on a non-QB). In fact there is no rule about how low you can block so long as the block is from the front, not a clip or a crack.

Whether this is dirty or not depends on the intent of the player. Marty Markett is the only one who knows if this hit was dirty or not. The last time we saw this was Nik Lewis (p-tui) putting his helmet on Kelly Wiltshire's knee. Kelly never played again. He clearly deliberately put his helmet square on his knee. nik lewis is a lot bigger and taller than Wiltshire. We've all seen Lewis level guys standing straight up, he had no need to get that low. In fact it required him a lot of extra effort to get down THAT low on Wiltshire. That was dirty as hell.

Markett on Kackert, mmm, it's low, but then Markett is 5'9 and 168 lbs (according to Bombers website) one of the smallest players in the league. It would be hard for him to not get that low, although his head appeared to be lower than his butt. He is allowed to tackle low and he does appear to at least try to move his head aside and lead with shoulder pad. Kackert is a solid load so going low is a smart way to get him. It's just whether he got low properly.

It's really tough to say what his intent was on that play. The fact that his helmet seems lower than even his butt makes me think that there may have been some intent, but I just can't say. it's a serious accusation to call a player dirty. I'm not prepared to make that call on this one.

Seriously? So if a player is under a certain height he gets a free pass at every ones knees? The most ridiculous thing I've seen here. He was so low he had to put his hand on the ground to maintain his balance and had Kackert not been bent over he would have hit him below the knee. By the way, Kackert is 5'8".

Hit low, deliberately went low, the only reason to go that low is to take out a knee. :roll:

Wasn't it Suber who had the questionable hit?

Find the rule, your allowed to dive to make a tackle . As long as not engaged in a block ! Please find the rule? Refs were right there and NO flag ! League not looking at it either. But your right :roll:

So players can deliberately block/tackle with shoulder pads to the knees while a player is in a vulnerable position (back turned to the tackler in this case) with no fear of a flag for Unnecessary Roughness? New one on me.

I meant to say, find the rule that says your NOT allowed to dive to make a tackle in the open field?????. You can't if engaged in a block, but this wasn't the case!

All my comments have been talking specifically about this play. You asked and I provided you with the penalty, but now that you've been proven wrong you want to change your question?

Nice try.

Your wrong , Kackertt had the ball and was tackled ! Where was the foul ? Why isn't the league looking at it ?

This type of tackle happens ALL THE TIME in football. Had the pass been accurate, we wouldnt be having this discussion.

If you want to at least appear like you know what you're talking about. He dropped a pass well before being hit so you haven't even seen the hit have you? :roll: