Ricky Ray gone for the season?

There's reports of an MCL tear of Ricky Ray's knee.
Chad Kackert may also be gone for the season.

Congrats on the big win :rockin:


What source ?

Not either

I hope your not cheering serious injury ? Im assuming your a Argo fan and happy with the win ?

Victoria General Hospital

Don't wish that on anyone, hope both are ok.

classy chunks. Do you cheer on earthquakes as well? How about a car accident?

get some class man.

should we then assume that you are the attending physician/nurse in care of Ray or Kackert?

I've had both torn ACL and MCL. Watching RR move around, I can guarantee he has neither. Deep breath everyone. I'm a big-time Bomber fan but I want both Kackert and Ray healthy for the whole year. CFL needs its bonafide stars, no matter whose uniform they wear. Don't know how this posted got started. It's a bad one.

Yeah, they wouldn’t have been massaging his leg if they thought there was a potential tear. They were clearly working on it on the sideline for some time.

Bad advice Dr Kenny. You may have been immobilized with your torn ACL, but that doesn't mean everyone else will be too. Francois Beauchemin played 25mins/game with a torn ACL during the first round of this year's playoffs. A few years back Phillip Rivers played in the AFC title game with a torn ACL.

Looking at the replay, Ray has got rid of the ball and the player on the ground decides to tackle him. Ray is not expecting it, just no need for dirty play like that, no need to pull him to the ground.

His own linesman's fault #61

Early reports are a strained/twisted knee. Unfortunately the same knee he injured last season.

Uh-huh. And both performed at the highest level, right? A torn ACL is a career killer (hello Charles Roberts). Even the great Georges St. Pierre was IMMEDIATELY knocked out of competitive action for a full year with his ACL. Forget it guy.

Grant Fuhr had a complete tear in one of his knees while playing for the Blues. The doctor said that since it was completely torn, he couldn't damage it further, although the joint would be basically bone on bone and so it was Grant's choice to keep playing on it. Although I question such advice as I would expect that the absence of one ligament would but a lot more stress on the other ligaments. I guess I'm not a doctor.

Bobby Jurasin blew his knee out in Week 2 of 1989. Slapped a brace on it and played the rest of the season, led the league in sacks and won the Grey Cup.

Jason Pottinger tore an ACL in 2011 in Week 1 or 2. Opted to forego surgery if I recall correctly so he could suit up again by Labour Day.

Knees are funny things. I can't pretend to know exactly how they work.

Check that, it was the 3rd game.


But Fur was a goalie, he didn't have to run anywhere, he could just stick out a pad or a glove. Jurasin was a defensive player that didn't have to plant to throw or do the things a QB has to do that puts a strain on the knee.

I don't profess to know anything about the severity of Ray's injury but:

  • he was not wincing when he was on the table with trainers
  • I don't recall seeing his knee iced
  • He was not carted from the field. He stayed for most of the game and was able to walk to the locker room on his own steam

Cuthbert was lip-reading and mentioned that Ray looked like he said "he heard something pop" but overall, at least on the surface, did not appear like a season ender. :thup: Chad Kackert? Really hard to say, but it seemed a little more serious to me than Ray's.