Ricky Ray going to suck in TO??

Don't know why, maybe its just a gut feeling but I think Ricky Ray is going struggle big time in TO. Is it possible he was ever only meant to be a Eskimo? Going to interesting to say the least.

He's playing in the umpteenth system for yet another coordinator and he's on a new team. There will be an adjustment period. This is a guy who's gone through, what, 5-6 different OCs / systems in as many years? He probably doesn't know whether he's coming or going. Milanovich will drill his playbook into Ray.

He has no receivers. I have said this countless times, but Toronto does not have one receiver that you have to gameplan against. They do not have a bona fide, No. 1 go-to receiver. Every other team has a guy (if not two) that defenses must key in on:

Montreal: Jamel Richardson, S.J. Green
Hamilton: Andy Fantuz, Chris Williams
Winnipeg: Terrence Edwards
Edmonton: Fred Stamps, Adarius Bowman
BC: Geroy Simon, Arland Bruce
Calgary: Nik Lewis, Ken-Yon Rambo
Saskatchewan: Weston Dressler, Chris Getzlaf

But you look at Toronto's receivers and you see some good No. 2s (Andre Durie, Jason Barnes) and a couple of decent No. 3s (Chad Owens, Maurice Mann), but not a single No. 1 threat. That, more than almost anything, is going to doom Ray.

Also, there o-line doesn't look very good. Hamilton's d-line did a good job of pressuring Ray (though they didn't register a sack) and they are far from a polished unit. In fact, most people say the d-line is Hamilton's biggest weakness. If not for the penalties the Cats took, the two TD drives that Ray engineered wouldn't have happened.

Ray will make the Argos a better team, but he can't win on his own. He has the skills, and Milanovich is a smart guy, but unless they can find him some guys to throw to, it won't matter what they do.

Thank GOD that the ARGOS have Harris if RAY tanks.

The ARGOS have won both of their ex-games against MONTREAL & HAMILTON , but ex-games don't mean all that much.
But RAY , has been just awful :thdn:

I don't think the O-line is any good either, poor guy hasn't had decent protection in years.

If it comes down to Ray getting benched, the Argos season is over. Harris may have looked good in preseason action, but it was against a lot of guys that probably won't be around come Monday. Don't go thanking God just yet. Until Harris sees some real game action no one knows if he's the next Travis Lulay or the next Timmy Chang.

Valid point Blogskee.

But, of the new QBs trying to make teams in the CFL, of the ones I've seen so far (LeFevour in Hamilton, Reilly in BC, Nichols in BC, Harris in TO; haven't seen the others), Harris appears to me to be ahead of Nichols and LeFevour, on a par with Reilly.

So yes it's too soon to say, but so far he's looking good. If Toronto decides to go with Jackson and Santos as Ray's backups and releases Harris, I'd bet that Saskatchewan snaps him in rather quickly. He's shown some pretty good potential.

We will see. :smiley:

Argos cut the other Ricky today, Santos. So its Ricky Ray or BUST !!


Keep in mind, it's only pre-season, however Ray has not looked very good. It is just pre-season tho and people need to keep that in mind. I guess maybe thats the troubling part about Ray's struggles, It's pre-season and generally, i know atleast in the bombers case both games, they went very vanilla on D. Im pretty sure others did aswell so if ray is struggling now against vanilla defences with no real attempts to get after the qb, mainly just playing vanilla to evaluate the players you have, wonder what will happen when the season starts next week.

Some people [not you] are trying to have it both ways.

RAY , was awful in ex-games. That is true :thdn:

But when I write how great HARRIS has been in ex-games , I am told that it is only ex-games and it doesn't count. :?

How come it does count for RAY but not for , HARRIS?

RAY , is getting use to a totally new off. system.

Fair enough, but on the other hand, Ray is a 10-year CFL veteran and Harris is brand-new to the league.

Ray did say after the game (in one of the TSN postgame video clips) that some of his mistakes were due to bad habits he’s picked up from other systems he’s played in. I think he’ll be fine once the season starts, but it’s certainly fair to expect more from Ray in preseason than from an unknown rookie like Harris.


Also, it's not that it counts for Ray and doesn't for Harris, but the level of talent on the field was much different when both were out there. It's concerning for Ray because he looked bad playing against guys he's going to be playing against the next four months. It's not as impressive for Harris because he was playing against guys who won't be around after cuts on Saturday. It's not as simple as it counting for one guy and not the other; the situations they were in have to be taken into account as well.

I think Ray will be fine, or least he won't be the reason the team doesn't win.

also note that in the preseason Ray didn't have Barnes, Durie, Mann
his top 3 recievers. Also he only had Owens about half the time.

OR the ARGOS first string O-LINE. :thup:

Again , we will find out soon :

TORONTO @ EDMONTON [next week] & CALGARY @ TORONTO [in 2 weeks] in person or on TSN :thup: :rockin:

What if Edmonton releases Joseph can we see him going back to the Riders?

I'd be surprised at that. Just that I think if he became available, Harris looks to me (so far) like rather better than what the Riders currently have behind Durant. . .

I don't think the Argos would get rid of Harris. that would be just stupid ... wait we are talking about the Argos though.

ARGOS , stupid???

Edmonton traded RAY for an ex ARGO Q.B. who bombed in , Toronto. :lol:

An ARGOS that are 2 and 0 in ex-games. See you next week. :wink: