Ricky Ray for MOP?

[b]Frank Zicarelli, THE SUN
  • The case for Ricky Ray as league MOP is as clear-cut as any cut-back run in the open field by a ball-carrier, or as obvious as Friday night’s pathetic officiating.

When he is given protection, Ray helps mask the many deficiencies on offence and on special teams that have yet to be addressed by the Argos, whose season has now been reduced to four games.
When he isn’t throwing into coverage or forced to make throws into tight windows when the Argos are trailing, Ray is virtually unstoppable.
He gets hit, but Ray has a way of bouncing back, even when the opposition is controlling the line of scrimmage.

As a pocket passer, Ray isn’t asked to make plays on his feet, but when the chains need to be moved, he’s more than capable of running down field.
In the East, there’s no one in Ray’s class, hands down.

Out West, there are several worthy candidates, but in a pass-happy league such as the CFL, it’s almost laughable how anyone not lining up under centre should be even mentioned as MOP, unless some spectacular season is being produced by a player who isn’t asked to operate in the pocket.

In 2003, Ray’s second in the CFL when he played in Edmonton, he threw for 35 touchdowns, a career-high.
This season, he’s thrown for 27 touchdowns, the second-highest in his career.

With four games remaining, there’s an outside chance for Ray to reach the 40-touchdown threshold, a number that would validate his MOP candidacy, if one is even required.[/b]

[url=http://www.torontosun.com/2014/10/11/ricky-ray-on-target-for-first-mop]http://www.torontosun.com/2014/10/11/ri ... -first-mop[/url]

Frank Zicarelli is an Argos Fan :lol: Nuff Said !

If anyone deserves it, it's John Cornish :rockin:

Easy to agree that Ray deserves most outstanding player award in 2014. Being on a below .500 team shouldn't diminish his achievements because this is an individual award and not for team performance . Other quarterbacks haven't overcome as much adversity or achieved as much but have the advantage of playing on stronger teams.

And you're an Argo hater. :lol: Nuff Said!

Cornish is a good pick, but has he played enough games to justify the pick?

After Ray and Cornish, maybe Drew Willy, but the Bombers recent slide likely negates his impressive yardage numbers.

After that, I have no idea.

and would you feel the same if Cornish played for the Argos?
or if Ray played for the TiCats?

Yup, Ricky Ray is Soft, he proved it in the Eastern Final last year :rockin: he got lucky on Friday night ! Ticats gave them that game !

Ricky Ray is so soft he has won only 3 Grey Cups, easily the most of all active QB's in the CFL.. :roll:

remind me how many QB's have led the Cats to the promised land even once this century?

Ray is Softer than a 3 $ Bill :lol:

I think Reilly will represent the West.
Probably Ray in the East.

But the most impactful player I’ve seen is Owens. I really think he’s the guy that drives the Argo bus.

the one player who has continued to excel game after game is John Chick.

If the vote was held today. I’d give it to Ricky Ray. But there is still a month of football to go.

Agreed, playing on that team and to be able to produce those numbers

John Chick in the West and Ricky Ray in the East.
These next 4 games will determine who deserves the honor, IMO.

Tiger-cats have had Collaros out for several games and Lefevour now out for the season.
But Ricky Ray is soft.

You really ARE an idiot.

You obviously don't know the meaning of a 3$ bill, which makes you a Goof :lol:

You are probably the Goof that complained about all the Ticats Fans making noise :x

Chick was on fire at the start of the season: 12 sacks in his first 7 games. But since then, he's had 2 sacks in 6 games.

His best shot would have been getting hurt and hoping people extrapolated his stats from a half season and said he must be MOP material. I call that the Ricky Ray Exemption, popularized in 2013. Owens and Cornish are both considering applying under that exemption this year.

If any defensive player gets consideration, I think it's Elimimian. Quite unbelievable what he's doing this year.

:roll: zinnnnnggggggg

No one should get the MOP.. Its been that bad of a season. The fact that a player who has missed half of the games this year is probably the best bet, is evidence to that.

That's gotta hurt, almost as much as it's hurting FYB when people mention RR as MOP. :lol: