Ricky Ray as Grey Cup MVP = joke

He was stagnant almost the entire game. The only reason he was even able to put up 31 points is because he had two overtimes to pad his stats. One could easily argue that if Maas had been in, the game probably wouldn't have even gone to OT. The only reason he looked at all decent is because Montreal played so poorly on offence too.

Ricky Ray was NOT the MVP.

You're right - it should have been Jason Maas.

I gotta agree
10 points in overtime
7 from the kick return
he had the ball 22 minutes of the 30 in the first half and only put 10 points on the board 3 from a field goal off a turnover well inside MTL territory

A bigger joke is the Most Outstanding Canadian: Mike Maurer? For 41 yards of gain, and... and... that's it?... Come on.

I was going to ask who won best Canadian

I thought Fleming would get outstanding Canadian, partially because of his kicking, but he also helped tackle Landry on what would have been a sure touchdown.

any kicker willing to get his hands dirty like that deserves some kind of accolades.

I don't like Ray at all for MVP (I actually thought they should have put Maas in (but it worked out for them)) but who else would you give the nod to over him?

I thought Ray deserved it. Montreal's defense played awesome and beat the living crap out of Ray all game long.

But Ray still got the job done under a pile of pressure and made very few mistakes. He deserves MVP just for the long possession drives in the first half, his 35 yard pass to Mitchell on third down, the 2-point conversion, and his execution in OT.

Why all the venom spit at Ray? He played as well as any champion quarterback, and it wasn't all a fluke.

…I thought it was for Best Canadian Actor…for his ‘ow, I hurt my arm to stop the momentum’ play…I believe that was 15 or 16 straight games for Mr. Maurer…I don’t know fer sure, just whacking the beehive to see what happens…Fleming was robbed…

lol, yah i guess if you complete a record amount of pases then yuo shouldnt win grey cup mvp..

so mr. second place aka ro1313. who should have won it?. dave stala with tht little dance he did after he scored the TD in OT. then we shut him up pretty fast.

you guys might say why i am not more humble.....well hearing all of your stampies and lioneses and birdies , say were done , were done, rickies done, rickies done, well look at us now...

and roughy thts why your not a coach , a coach sticks with his guy he picks

and why should they have put maas in . and what did ricky do that was sooooooooo wrong....... there was not on part in this game where you could have put maas in

Maybe, but his possession was due to the Als lack of offence of the Eskies great defence, not so much RR

Cut it guys. Ricky Ray wasn't as outstanding as some other MVP winners in the past, but last night, who else should have deserved it?

Maybe Darrell Crutchfield, because it was quite outstanding how he never was at the right place at the right time.

If that’s the case why didn’t he stick wth Ray, the guy he picked the three games previously.

i thought Ray was deserving as MVP…he set a record for pass completion in a grey cup game…

threw 2 TD’s, 1 two point convert, and ran for a TD himself.

359 yards passing, 3tds, 34-44, mvp numbers?????, id say so

Well good for you

It's tough to pick out a single guy as MVP in football anyways, because positions are so specialized.

For example, in a single game you could have:

  • a kicker boot 5/5 field goals
  • a running back rush for 100+ yards and a TD
  • a QB go 21/30 for 310 yards, 3 TDs and 0 INT
  • a receiver get 10 catches for 140 yards and 2 TDs
  • a linebacker get 8 tackles, one sack, and a fumble recovery
  • a safety get 2 INT, one for a 50 yard TD
  • a defensive lineman get 3 sacks, 4 tackles, and 2 forced fumbles


Who would you choose for game MVP?

I bet the press will vote for the quarterback.

ro1313.... what numbers of rickies were the factor that makes him a non mvp candidate, the one where his 2 grey cup rings are against the als..... ?????? or the one where he picked your D apart with a 70 % completion average??

.....part of the reason for saying Ray? might be the perception of how he did in the western semi and final games where he pretty much stunk.......in this game, taken solely on it's own merit I can't really say anyone else did anything better......really, it should go to Maas for getting the EEs there in the first place, but Ray WAS the QB last night......

I don't think you guys are factoring in that he had two overtimes to pad those numbers. I think someone on the Edmonton defence who handled Monteal, the best offence in the league, quite well.