Ricky Ray announces retirement

gee, why bother putting Flutie on the list at all?

and who is this very easy going nice guy you have before Moon? Jackie Parker?

What makesjoe theismann so high on the list? 3 seasons, <60%, no rings.

Things like Cup rings (Stanley Cups, Super Bowls, etc.) always make this type of list difficult … in the last 20 years Travis Lulay and Marcus Crandell won Grey Cups (and GC MVP) but don’t fit on any such lists.

Then there is the short-term performance/talent versus long-term statistics … Kevin Glenn is in the top 10 all-time in passing yards and TDs but is not (IMO) even in the conversation for this type of list.

Finally, there is the subjective interpretation of what “best” means … just as annually there are issue about what “valuable” means when voting on awards in many sports.

Probably the way it should be. Congrats on your retirement Ricky

I really liked Lancaster as a broadcaster, but less so as a player because of his stratospheric interception totals. I’m fairly certain he still holds the record with 396 in 6233 attempts. Which isn’t quite as bad as the next closest, Danny McManus with 281/3640. By comparison, Damon Allen had 278/9138.

I don’t have the most recent stats at hand, so there might be others in the top three now, but I doubt anybody has passed Lancaster.