Ricky Ray and the obvious salary cap question

very good comments about the great cfl. It would so sad if we do not get a handle on this spending by a few teams mainly Edmonton and Toronto.
If we do not establish and ENFORCE a salary cap soon the cfl will go like the nhl.

I feel like you are losing site of the true arguement. Who has more fans is not really the question or the concern. Edmonton, Calgary have always had great support. Great for you. BC, and Montreal have been building well this past decade and are noe quite strong franchises. Admittedly, Saskatchewan sucks at the gate. I wish we had 28,000 plus at all our games. Sad fact is most of Rider Nation lives outside of Saskatchewan and helps bolster the attendance of all our other teams. All of this, though, really means nothing.

Waht means the most is that we have a healthy league. OUR league will not get better if the rich get richer and the ‘hard to do’ get screwed. OUR league will only get better if the league works for all of us. Don’t get me wrong, I think our league can survive just fine as it is, but it won’t go to the next level. I feel a salary cap can do that. Coaching, athlete discovery and hard work will win you cups as compared to a little assistance from the pocket book. As well, the attitude of ‘if you can’t take the heat’ won’t fly in Canada cause there are only so many cities in Canada that could support teams.

Bottom line is an enforceable reasonable salary cap is a GOOD idea.

I agree riderfanatic.

A salary cap puts all the teams on an equal playing field. It then doesn't come down to who can buy the best free agents but rather who can build the best team with the resources, the same resources as all other teams, given to them.

It ensures the best run and best coached franchise wins.

A league shouldn't be like baseball here half the teams don't have a chance because they can't spend the money. The yankees spend more the bottom 6 teams combined in baseball which is not fair.

As for what the salary cap should be at would have to be figured out. Maybe take an average of 25000 fans per game at $20 a ticket and take an average of the salaries of the front office, maintenance, and marketing and then make a salary cap.

As for fan support, all the teams, except Ottawa, seem to be doing great in this area. In Saskatchewan, as it's been said before, we're doing great with the resources we have. And that fact would be hard to dispute.

I have 3 words to say to people who seem to complain about the salary cap and teams going over it.


The last commissioner who even hinted at possibly trying to enforce a salary cap was summarily dismissed.

The Owners don't want a salary cap, if they did they would have one. Get over it folks, there is and will never be a cap unless guys like Braley in BC decide there should be one.

I think the salaries are getting out of hand and teams like Sask, Hamilton, Ottawa and Calgary are going to pay in the long run.

I'm not even sure where BC is getting the money from that they seem to be spending with reckless abandon over the past few years.

I"m a Ti-Cat fan and thank the lucky stars that Bob Young took over. He is bringing stability and respect to the franchise, he has deep pockets but he rightly is not going to throw money away on reckless salaries. He believes in managing and maintaining within a budget. I agree.

The league needs a cap, but, I don't believe will ever see one with the current group of owners we have, getting 9 owners to agree on this subject will be impossible.

So once and for all can we all just please stop complaining about teams "not adhering to the salary cap"

There is no cap to adhere to. Right or wrong will have to get used to that folks.

How's that for a first post!

I don't think many in this forum would argue that their is an actual salary cap, other than the one on paper. I think the purpose of this thread is to express my belief that we need one for long term viability of the CFL. Will we fail without one? Probably not, but there could be some rocky times. Could we succeed with one. I think we would be much better off.

I agree that there really is no cap, but I think there should be.

If one is ever instituted (and enforced, since an unenforced cap is nothing more than a suggestion) it will have to be higher than the phantom cap is now.

When the cap was first instituted back in the '80s, the amount was reasonable. Most teams stuck to it. The problem was that it didn't change from year to year, so as rookies became veterans and began to expect more money, teams had to lose some of their best players in order to stay within the cap. Soon one or two teams were exceeding the cap, and before long only one or two teams were abiding by it.

The cap should be raised, enforced, and increased each year.

True. If the present cap was strictly enforced without being raised, plenty of players would be upset with salary cuts and leave the CFL for the Arena League or quit football altogether.

Let's face it - CFL players are aware that for professional athletes they are paid pretty poorly.

The CFL players aren't paid great but with their skill level that is the norm compared to other leagues. The CFL, although having some gret football, is a second tier league when it comes to revenue (TV, corporate, and attendance). If you take a look at other second tier leagues such as baseballs farm system and the AHL the CFL players are paid decently. If the players were some of the top players in the world they would be playing in the NFL.

BUT the CFL HAS to keep in line with other second tier football leagues, namely the arena league, to keep players. To do this I do believe they will have to enact revenue sharing and have a salary cap around 4 million to keep all teams competitive in the league. It will be hard to do though since the arena league does have a NBC? contract and is gaining in popularity.

…8-10,000 even when they’re IN Cowgary?

Those figures sound a little high to me too. I was thinking 3000-6000 fans are Riders fans at those venues.

So pertaining to that theme does anyone have the away attendance figures for each team?

…wouldn’t that be the same as the attendance figures for the HOME team they are playing?!..surely you’re not asking if there are records of who cheers for who at any given game…

That would be correct.

I'm not asking for who cheers for who, that would be impossible. But rather if attendance increased at certain stadiums when certain teams were there.

Example if th Riders were playing in Calgary were there more fans there than a Calgary-Winnipeg game.

A few years ago there were stats that showed the riders were the best draw in most stadiums (not counting Labour Day in Alberta, etc). I don't know if there are any stats for the last couple of years in that regard.

No matter who cheers for who when the games are played, I am just asking that we all voluntarily start from a level playing field. Imagine the close games and competitiveness between teams in the league. In my estimation, it is pretty good already, but I think it could be so much more. I realize I sound like a broken record, but I just like equity in the league.

......definately there are bigger draws during a rider game in BC, Calgary, Edmonton or Winnipeg, but you can't really tag an exact number to it........but fanatic, last year like 6 game sinto the season the first and last place teams in the west were separated by like three wins.......I don't see what the worry is about........

You are correct. We are not at a critical point right now. What I see, however, is that we are about to embark upon a dangerous path if we don't watch ourselves. Ottawa is on the ropes, other teams could start to slide as well. Our league is too small to lose one or two teams. I guess what I am saying is why wait until the problem becomes severe. Let's fix potential problems before they become problems. Even if you approach this issue with the perspective that all teams are doing fine, an enforceable and reasonable salary cap is still a good idea.

"you might want to take population into consideration here."

Ok, so using your logic, BC and Toronto should have the highest attendance, since those cities have the highest populations.

But wait? The stats show that Edmonton, followed by Calgary had the highest attendance last season.

If you ask me Alberta has the best football fans. With both of it's teams at the top spots for attendance.

Also, in Edmonton as well as Calgary, the sports fans dollar is split between hockey and football. Were as in Regina, you only have football.

So give your head a shake. Eskimos fans are better than Rider fans because we support our team.

Riderfanatic I think the solution is a little closer to home. Get some fans in Taylor field and you won't be crying so much on the public forums.

Or do like any smart Saskatchewan resident would do...Move to a real Province!

There are over 500,000 people from sask. who live in alberta. It’s not that they all travel, it’s that most already live in edmonton or calgary.


It almost seems like everyone is from Saskatchewan, but nobody lives there.