Ricky Phoney

So after telling everyone in BC that he came back here because it isn't only the money and he had more comfort withing an organization and he likes a place where he gets hugs and kisses, Ricky Phonie pulls a 180 and the next day: KACHING He signs with the Argonauts. All this with a feature article in the Vancouver Sun saying he'll re-sign with BC. Man, this kid in an adult's body showed about as little personal integrity as he possibly could. Maybe he didn't stay here because he wants to be "the man" in Hogtown, not share the rush end position with Keron Williams and Jonathon Brown. Maybe he is prone to making impulsive decisions without sleeping a night or two on them to see if it still makes sense for him. Whatever his reasons, I say: don't let the door hit your butt on the way out! :thdn:

-Dooger in Surrey .

Don't worry after the Bombers kick the Argos around Ricky will have regreted signing with the Argo-NOTS!!

all fandom aside…
He’s got 6 years in his career…
He’s from Toronto…they came in at the 11th hr and offered more. Can you blame him?
We cut players without a guarantee. As soon as you slip then fans and management cast you aside.I think we should cut him a break. He makes the league stronger wherever he plays.

second that

You know what... I can understand this but god does this make the league look so bush! I'm sorry I enjoy the CFL and all football at all levels but this really takes the cake. On team 1040 today he was talking and minutes away from taking a flight to Vancouver and then things change? What the F***! Did Toronto offer him ten thousand more? This two owner thing is getting out of hand and I just heard the most diplomatic comment from Wally a few minutes ago. To the other people who are dogging the NFL and the 10-9 game did you see the violence going on in the line of scrimmage? Maybe this league just are made up of a bunch of swell guys willing to pick up the other teams players and pat them on the bum on the way back to the huddle! Wally never thought I say this...your getting soft!!

Maybe but he went about it in a pretty stupid way.


It's okay for GMs to treat players like horsemeat, but it's not okay for players to do what's best for themselves and their families? Talk about a double standard. CFL players aren't millionaires and most have a short career in the league. They play a brutal, punishing sport that takes a physical toll and will likely lead to a shortened life span, reduced quality of life, and medical bills in their old age. Money is a big deal to them and rightfully so.

Shocking. What can anyone say? The self-centered jerk showed his true colors. However, the Lions should throw out the challenge flag on this one; this should be investigated. Wally even announced to the Media Foley was returning; he wouldn't do that unless he had Foley's word. I have no respect for TO's GM - whoever the valueless idiot is. How dare he go behind Wally's back; how dare he not honor a person's word and say, "Son, if you told Wally you're going to BC, then you need to honor that."! No, instead, without any concience he offers him something he can't refuse: "Sell your soul to me.". We've seen this played out in all too many similoar scenarios throughout history - when a man looses his integrity by accepting fool's gold.

Toronto did not come in with a last minute decision. The league is not bush because of this. There was no wrong doing due to a double-owner.
He has every right to choose between the two teams and I am sure this was a very very hard decision for him to make.I think the only real part of this that really blows is that he handled it very poorly.
Had he simply announced TO then there is no issue, it is his choice to make. The hard part is the announcement in the paper and on the radio to the "fans" that he was coming back only to flip flop to TO. Poorly played Ricky. Poorly played indeed.

In the end I think he owed the fans, and especially Wally, a little more respect.

I agree. Foley had offers from both BC and Toronto on the table. He verbally agreed with BC but never signed on the dotted-line. He did sign with Toronto. All legal.

This is not the first time a team has jumped-the-gun and announced a verbal agreement before ink is on paper, but it is a rather ethically dubious move by Foley.

To somehow taint Braley because of this is nothing but baseless and tasteless conspiracy theorizing.

First of all I have nothing against a player making what he can in the CFL due the short career of the average player. As a matter of fact nothing illegal probably happened. Morally and ethically is another story. How hard did Wally try to sign Foley? Was Wally given limited resources to sign him? If you were Braley how bad would you want the best Canadian Def. lineman on your new team? We all can speculate and none of us will ever know what happened behind closed doors but after Wally’s interview yesterday something is not right! I do not buy one bit that Foley’s decision was for family reasons.That’s what they want everyone to believe!

Just read a Foley quote trying to pass it off on Wally saying that had Wally put some pressure on him to own up to the deal that he "because of his morals" would have come to Vancouver.

Sounds like he is trying hard to justify what he did. Interesting.

sounds like he did justify what he did to me.