Ricky or Jason??

So anybody know whos starting for Edmonton tonite. Is it Ricky Ray or Jason Maas? And how did they do in the game?

Im not sure who started, its 13-9 esks , with the esks in the red zone, go to www.cjob.com and you can listen to the game, its the start of the 4th.

make that 20-9!!

I thought Ray was out for a game or two because of his knee

I couldnt imagine them playing Ray, im sure it was Mass,Jones and then Johnson in the 4th. I just hope to see Ricky at the home opener versus Ottawa!

btw does anyone know if Sanchez played?

I picked off the game midway and Khari was at QB. The fourth unknown QB is in now, I think.

Johnson? Is that the 4th QB in Edmonton?

Yes, Johnson is the new guy.

He looks good, too.

figures… you already got 3 starters and then your #4 guy looks good… only in Edmonton…

Maas played until the middle of the second quarter, Khari came in and left for Johnson with 4:00 min to play is what I heard reported