Ricky May not play in the Preseason in Hamilton..

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Running back Ricky Williams may be kept out of the Argos' pre-season finale in Hamilton against the Tiger-Cats if there are issues concerning his physical status following his first game or fear for his safety at Ivor Wynne Stadium.

Thu, June 1, 2006
Argos may keep Ricky away from Ivor Wynne


Running back Ricky Williams may be kept out of the Argos' pre-season finale in Hamilton against the Tiger-Cats if there are issues concerning his physical status following his first game or fear for his safety at Ivor Wynne Stadium.

Williams is scheduled to make his Argo and Canadian Football League debut tomorrow night at the Rogers Centre against the rival Tiger-Cats. Williams signed with the Argos last Sunday when the Miami Dolphins, who have him contract for two more years, granted permission. Williams is suspended for the 2006 NFL season for his fourth substance abuse violation.

David Cynamon, who owns the Argos with Howard Sokolowski, told the Toronto Sun yesterday there have been internal discussions about whether or not to play Williams in both games. He said ultimately head coach Pinball Clemons and his staff will decide. But Cynamon said that if it's decided to play Williams in only one of the two pre-season games, the owners would prefer it be at home to showcase the star to Argos fans.

"We said (to Clemons) don't feel like you have to play him in both games," Cynamon said. "Do what you need to do. This will completely be (the coaches) call."

It's been speculated the Argos may deliberately keep Williams out of the game in Hamilton because his safety could be an issue at a venue that has been historically hostile to Toronto players and fans.

It's also been rumoured the Argos may keep their newest star out of the game because Hamilton owner Bob Young wouldn't support them when they asked each CFL team to provide written assurances they wouldn't try to claim Williams when he was deliberately waived after this season to allow him to return to the Dolphins. Every team but Hamilton co-operated

Hahahahaha ! This is so stupid. The star will not play against eternal rivals "for fear for his safety"...

Way to go Ticats fans. Ricky is the one afraid of you and not the other way around!

Maybe that brat of Bashir Levingston should teach Ricky how to throw a helmet?...

Maybe the ARGOS don't want to help the CATS sell tickets. :lol:

They’re just jealous that we have more season tickets than they do, that’s all. yes, the Argos are jealous of the lowly, steel town Cats. Gotta love it.
Ricky, you better be ready for some hard hittin action when the Argo brass do let you play agains’t us this year.

maybe the argo brass read all the anti-ricky posts in the ti-cat forum, and figured hamilton doesnt want him there.

funny hamilton bashes the signing, then gets upset they might not see him play?

It's called having your cake and eating it too, we all do it, every day in most situations in life. Human nature my friend.

Does that mean you might keep Mike O'Shea home if we bash him enough on the Alouettes forum? :stuck_out_tongue:

lol…what is the story behind montreallers hating him anyways?

im also curious why hamiltonians hate calvillo so much? ( they booed him at teh QB challenge )

I have always loved hearing GMs, coaches
and players throw barbs at their opponents

It keeps our old CFL rivalries thriving

but I am not so happy when owners take shots
at other owners like David Cynamon has done.

I remember Dave Braley selling the Ticats
because of his strong dislike of how
some other owners ran their franchises.

And neither Braley or any of them
took shots at each other in the press

or threatened to not bring their marquee player
for some bogus reason to hurt the Ticat Gate.

Thank You bob for your restraint.

You have the good sense to know
that for this league to work

it is not "Every Man For Himself"

All the owners have to act
as if they are partners.

All the best!!

Cause he played for Hamilton for a couple of years and really sucked! I mean big time!

in three years 45 ints and 44 tds

drummer, we hate O'Shea because he takes dirty shots at Calvillo... Trying to get him out of the game.

It's pretty much the same kind of shots Ed Philion takes at Damon Allen. Don't you guys worry when Philion gets to Allen?

At the QB challenge, I saw AC
playing up the booing of the fans
in a light-hearted manner,

waving his arms from his sides
to over his head encouraging it.

The booing was probably started
in that spirit, either by him,
or the fans as far as I know.


It wasn't AC's fault that John Jenkins,
Offensive Co-ordinator at the time,
hung him out to dry with an Offence
that was ill-suited for his players.

That's not good, he better attend the next one, or he should be cut, or else Toronto is going to have a bad 1st half of the season.

Dam thats it I am burning My Weedy Williams ARgo jesey enough is enough!

I'm sure the Argo team that shows up in Hamilton June 9th will be much different then the team that starts the season. Because all their vets don't need a lot of reps in a nothing game. I would be surprised if Allen and their key Canadian starters play much if at all. It will be Hamilton's time to shine.

Sounds pretty stupid to me. Keep Ricky out of the lineup for his safety?

He is a rookie in the CFL and missed most of training camp. If anybody needs the extra work to better understand the system and league, its Ricky Williams.

To trying to punish Hamilton by toying with your star running back is pretty amateurish in my books...

i agree, he should see some game time in both games.

unless the argos are too cocky about it, and think they dont need practice.

You know what? Maybe he wasn't that impressive in TC and the Argos don't want everybody to notice it before the season even started.

then why would they play him in thier home pre-season game?

To avoid a riot ! 40 000 people want to see the new Christ !