Ricky is OFFICIALLY and ARGO**


The Toronto Argonauts have landed one of the biggest signings in franchise history.

The Argonauts have called an afternoon news conference to announce the signing of suspended Miami Dolphins running back Ricky Williams, a league source requesting anonymity told The Canadian Press.

Williams and agent Leigh Steinberg have been in Toronto for the past five days - Williams arrived on his own three days earlier - and have met with Argos ownership and president Keith Pelley. However, the two sides could only go so far until the Dolphins gave their blessing.

That blessing has been given.

Williams will reportedly earn around $250,000 with Toronto, which would easily make him the highest-paid running back in the league.

Wow, I never thought it would happen. didn’t i hear something about a month back about Rickey taking a certain amount from tickets sales on top if his salary?

that was rumored, when it was thought ricky wouldnt come here for anything less than $1 million.

this is finally the CFL's chance to prove the NFL isnt as superior as everyone thinks.

If we dont upgrade our defence we will get Hammered in the Hammer. :oops:

Praise the LORD, maybe that will cut down on the Rickey Williams threads around here. I guess in a few shorts weeks we'll see how much of an impact he'll make. I'm assuming he won't be in game shape in time for the preseason game on Friday.

BG Id like to agree with you but i think the threads are just begining. :roll:

I agree I don't think we will see the end of threads on this topic.

If you don't like them, don't enter them!

Auggie had better gain 10 more pounds and start working on tackling low.

Holy Cow.
I guess its time to the Ticats try to convince some prominent NFLers to come in and "tackel" this situation (Pun intended)
Maybe someone like Ray Lewis or Takeo Spikes? lets see if we can steal them away from their franchises hahaha :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Watch Auggie go for a ride when he grabs this guy.

Ricky Williams has agreed to a one-year contract for $240,000 to play for the CFL's Toronto Argonauts this season, ESPN.com's John Clayton has learned.

This was on the ESPN Website..


I totally agree!

However, if he comes in and rushes for 3,000 yards it can also work the other way. That would be twice the insult because we already look pretty bush for letting him play to being with.

true...but atleast the speculation will end.

I don't know how ready he will be come the start of the season... but man... landing Ricky will do wonders for the CFL. Jersey sales must be soaring right now... h.ell... I might even by a Williams Argos jersey and frame it for my sports room.

Yes, this time it is not a false alarm. I have heard so many times that this would be the day/week that he will or will not sign with the team. And I'm quite relieved that this speculation is over. Now it's time for different kinds of Ricky Williams discussions.

And in the article on TSN, there was something quite interesting that was mentioned.

"An hour before the announcement, Williams was shown on the Rogers Centre videoboard at the White Sox-Blue Jays game Sunday wearing a Toronto Argonauts hat and was introduced as the team's newest player."

How do you like that for advertising? Looks like I'd better look into buying tickets for that season opener while I can.

I just returned from the Argo practice and barbarque in Oshawa...I was a little suspicious that something might be up when Pinball disappeared early after having a long talk with John Avery (who wasn't looking very happy). I then heard the news on the way home over 640.
Avery only took a few reps at RB and then more as a SB/WR...but I can see him being traded but there's not many openings...maybe back to Edmonton. Pinball said at the news conference they plan on keeping John and it would be his decision (Avery's)if he wanted to move.

One new player on the Argo's I was impressed with was WR Lance Young, good speed, separation and hands.

What a great day. Congrats to the Argooooos!


all and all ricky is a good player but u guys got to remebr that the ticays hav Ranek and Holmes. And every other team has a decent running back. So the signing is a good move but there are so decent backs in the league.

Even Angelo Mosca on an interview from Camp today on CH news is in disagreement with this signing. I agree with Big Ang. Makes the rivalry more interesting but still don't think this guy should be allowed to play.

I'm sure Bob will be relieved he won't have to add temporary seats now when Rick comes to Tiger Town because Ang is telling people to boycott the games. Bob will only be able to sell out the present seating. lol