The Toronto Argonauts have landed one of the biggest signings in franchise history.

The Argonauts have called an afternoon news conference to announce the signing of suspended Miami Dolphins running back Ricky Williams, a league source requesting anonymity told The Canadian Press.

Williams and agent Leigh Steinberg have been in Toronto for the past five days - Williams arrived on his own three days earlier - and have met with Argos ownership and president Keith Pelley. However, the two sides could only go so far until the Dolphins gave their blessing.

That blessing has been given.

Williams will reportedly earn around $250,000 with Toronto, which would easily make him the highest-paid running back in the league.

thats cool..ill be excited to see him when he comes to commonwealth

bye bye John Avery, and your bad attitude!

lol so if u get rid of avery who will you have next year?

they can start johnson....or find someone else....but im sure johnson will only get better playing aside ricky....maybe learn a trick or two.

avery is always hurt anyways....so they wont be missing him...they always pay the guy $150,000 to sit on the sidelines hurt.

and then he goes to comedy clubs, where his whole stand-up routine is bashing the CFL.

Avery isn't good enough for the CFL anyway.

The CFL should get a statue that says

Give us your stoned, Your potheads
Your Ex-cons yearning to smoke up!
The wretched refuse of your teeming league
The homeless, tempest-tossed, to us:
We lift our lamp beside the golden door.

haha. I think its pretty stupid how the CFL just keeps on accepting NFL misfits, while they serve out their suspension.

Suh-weet!! I can't wait to see Ricky on the field with the Argos.

I'm hoping he does well and helps the team, but the best thing that could happen would be if he were only average or slightly better than average for a CFL RB. That way all the pro-NFL'ers in Toronto can shut their collective cake-holes.

Here we go, I'm sure that Avery has had a good football career, or maybe BC or another CFL team will sign him.

Is it just because he signed with the ARGOS? How many ex-felons still play in the NFL? Williams , has never been charged with any crime.


And some people act like the CFL is the only pro league that has drug users. :lol:

which it isn't, there are definaly alot of players that are clean.

true but allot are not in all leagues.

yeah, I'm will to bet that their are a lot of guys on the juice (steroids) in the NFL, despite the policy.

just look at the size of them! some of that is unnatural! and some in the past has just killed over and died for that reason.

everyone thts mad that ricky is in the CFL are just pissed there not on there team...im happy hes here so i canw atch his pure talent live...when i never thought i could before

Drugs 1, CFL's Integrity 0

1 for a double standard

0 for tolerance

Maybe , just maybe if this goes well it will be great for T.V. ratings and tickets sales everywhere.

BOOZE is also a drug. :thup:

.....not this stupid argument again.....take it to one of the other threads.....

I agree, I'm sure there is a lot worse characters than Ricky in the CFL, NFL and any other league, what about the guy last year accused of rape, who had HIV, I don't know what ever came of his rape trial, but with being HIV+ in a contact sport, puts a lot of other people at risk, and not just other athletes, others as well.

anyone watching the live conference on TSN?