Ricky Gervais opening monologue Golden Globes

Ricky was in top shape calling the Hollyweird Out on Sunday night .

Loved it .

So did I!


For some unaccountable reason Hollywood stars think their opinions are relevant/meaningful just because they’re famous movie idols.


That’s odd… seems some on this site think their opinions are relevant/meaningful just because they have access to the internet…

Why would their opinions be not be relevant or meaningful?

Twould depend upon their background and education.

If I want meaningful insights into Canadian football, I go to journalists who have covered the game for years or to hard core fans who have put considerable time and money into following the sport for years. There are quite a few of those on this board.

If I want meaningful insights into political economics, I go to a professorial type with a post-graduate degree in economics, statistics, politics or the equivalent.

If I want meaningful insights into acting, I’d go to a successful Hollywood actor.

But when I have a problem with my plumbing, I don’t call an electrician. And similarly I don’t call an actor for insights into politics or economics. Maybe starstruck women who read the Hollywood fan magazines do, but I don’t.

How about you?


That's odd.. seems some on this site think their opinions are relevant/meaningful just because they have access to the internet...
And of course because the CFL is clearly actively [i]soliciting[/i] their opinions by operating this website.


Perfectly stated, Fox

Yes. I agree for the most part. Seeking advice or insight from a well versed person is always a good move.
However, I, in my experience have found it also useful to listen to all opinions. Not dismiss based on what I perceive as knowledge. You’d be surprised at the insights you find.
Often times the lay person can help you see things clearly when you are too close to a subject. Or simply provide context or a new approach.
I, for example, have 24 yrs experience in my field. Most at a high level of understanding and expertise. However, I’d be a fool if I did not listen to the opinions of clients or agents with less knowledge or “experience?.

That said, You never know what a person’s background is or where their interest lie. Ruling them out as just an actor seems elitist and myopic.

Enjoyed the monologue and other comments throughout.

Its too bad, he had to start with a trigger warning that he would be using jokes.

I have a feeling the hate towards Hollywood types some have is because these are privileged people voicing views that they don’t agree with. Yet these same people are in agreement with rich white old guys making laws about women & lgbtq rights, reasons to go to wars and other areas where they don’t have much clue what’s going on.

Experts are also known to make mistakes because they’re too close to the topic and are scared about career risk. Classic recent examples include the financial crisis and Iraq & Afghan wars. It’s why in the financial world, very few economists are right >50%, 99% of portfolio managers can’t beat the market and 90% of sell side analysts are wrong about indivdual stocks and the broader market.

Gervais did something that is rarely seen - he got the right wing world basically nodding in agreement but his message was largely against big corporations/orgs and priviliged white people which are core bogeys of the left.

Ricky was using hypocrisy as his element for humour at the globes . He was playing to the audience at home not in the room .

Thats the base of the joke .

He was making fun of the back slapping and virtue signalling the celebrities are known for and both left and right side of the argument agree with what he said generally unless you like sweat shops , sexual assault and possibly murder in Epstein’s suicide .

Ricky being a far left comedian was just telling the easiest joke .

It’s funny because it’s true .

Because of that both sides came together and had a laugh at the celebs expense .