Ricky Foley

Ricky Foley.....time to give it up man!!! He played like a little schoolgirl out there today and that's an insult to all the little schoolgirls all over the world. Totally washed up!!!

Washed up????? Don't think so. He didn't lose that game all by himself. He was part of a highly over rated team with a record that, even with today's loss, flatters them.

Foley and the Arblows are a dirty team that play to intentionally injure other players like in the game yesterday and the play of Jermaine Gabriel on the Tiger-Cat player by jamming his knee into the back of his helmet or the late hit by the Argo defender on Zach Collaro's, if the refs had any eye sight or guts they would make the calls.

They better damn well get it streight Friday night in Toronto for the rematch game, show some professionalism CFL refs and Foley keep you mouth SHUT!!


Some Hamilton fans. SMH.
Not enough that you clobbered a team and took sole possession of first place. Now you declare that team dirty, and the refs incompetent.
Anything else on your wish list to make things cozy for you, you Pussy(cat)?
I don't think that you should be telling anyone to keep his mouth SHUT!! with all the whining you have done above.

You must get it from Scott Mitchell though. I heard him whining about how tough the Tiger-cats schedule has been so far. :lol:
He should try the Argos schedule instead. It has been so much easier. :roll:

makes comment about Mitchel whining about schedule.. than whines about his own schedule

I agree, he hasn't been doing much all year.
Ditto for most of our defence.

Was Foley playing yesterday ? I was at the game and don't recall hearing his name mentioned all afternoon. :smiley:

Whine about my schedule?
My schedule has been fine. :rockin:

All I can say is that it takes a special kind of fan to b1tch moan and whine even when his team wins big. :roll:

myself I wish we never traded him back to the Argos great Canadian also the deal him for Shea Emry hasn't real worked in favor of the Riders

Argos got rid of Emery and his undisciplined stupid penalties (although it's hard to notice on a Scott Millanovich team). Just a bag of football would have made it a steal. :wink:

Nothing has worked out in favour of the the Riders this season. I don't really think that Foley would've made much of a difference this season to the Riders that is unless he maybe could've been converted into a QB.

While Foley is a bag of hot air he is a talented player. He should just keep his mouth shut and play.