Ricky Foley ?

Thoughts on Ricky Foley? Apparently he wants a job of rushing the QB

I think that there are two really good defensive linemen in the CFL draft in Charles and Gaydosh (Charles, I believe, can play end) that will be starters somewhere in this league.The Riders will likely lock up one of the two.

He is a respectable talent, but I think he wants a pretty lofty salary because of his NI status.
IMO he is a bit of a meat head as well.

I believe money could be spent wiser in other areas.

Totally agree

Stefan Charles would be an awesome pickup if he is still around for the 4th pick...awesome player and local. I however feel he will be gone by then....1 - Lokombo, 2 - Gaydosh, 3 - Charles. On the bright side, this is a rich draft for DL.

I don't believe DE is an ideal for a rookie to be an immediate starter at. They should be integrated slowly. This, OT, and ILB are, IMO the toughest places for a rookie to start.

I'm not so sure we wont have a crack at Gaydosh or Charles. Edmonton seems pretty set on defensive line. Unless they trade their pick away of course...

Valid point, but the Esks do not have a 1st round pick. They traded it to the Als as a part of the infamous Brody McKnight deal.

The draft order is Cats, Bombers, Als
Cats - I assume would go after either an OL or a DT
Als - Lokombo at LB if he is there after first pick.
Bombers, unquestionably would pick up Lokombo if he is there, otherwise I can't see how they are not drafting OL.

So yeah, you are correct...it is likely that one of the 2 will be available.

Thanks for clarifying. I was trying to find the draft order.

I agree there are only a few positions left in the CFL where Canadian players are still a bit behind their import counterparts. DE is one of those spots as Foley is really the only true Canadian DE. DE in general are in high demand NFL or CFL. NFL likes a lot of rotation on the DLine so pretty much have every decent DE in football and they still need more.
Cover DBs; CB, HB, and SAM LB; and LTs are pretty much still exclusive to imports as well. Difference is that there are a lot of import DBs and LTs available as we saw last year.
Foley is most likely looking for more money than anyone can afford to give as I am sure that every team would like to have him due to his NI status and his skill as a Rush DE

the other issue you run into with a NI in any role is that you essentially need a NI backup-up. Yes, I realize that you can shuffle things around, but you are only permitted 3 designated imports, so it is a careful balancing act heading into a game. Yes, you can get by shuffling between games, but in a game it can burn you fast.

DE is a position that you want to be able to rotate out if the D is left on for a couple longer drives. Those start stops at rapid paces are very wearing. The only other positions that consistently deal with that is WR (and to some degree RB), but they are rotated and not driving through a 300lb O-lineman. DE requires pretty good stamina.

It is one of the reasons I shake my head a bit at Shomari jumping to Hamilton so fast...is he going to start? Perhaps, but I don't see anything stellar for a backup NI LB or DE unless I am overlooking something. I wish him all the best though...he was a top caliber team player...he did anything the coaches asked of him, including changing positions entirely. Last year he did not have a superb training camp or preseason, and in fact struggled at times through the year, but his attitude and cooperation was a breath of fresh air. it was something the coaching staff brought up a couple times.

Thats a great point about the DE rotation. Having Foley he can take one of the NI roster spots but not have to be part of the starting 7 ratio but could be rotated with two imports. BC Lions did this with rookie DT Jabar Westerman. He was as good as any import DT in the CFL so he could easily be part of the DT rotation and not need to use a DI in that spot.
That is were Foley could be most valuable being one of three rotating DE that all play equal time.
It is easier done with the DT position because there are a really good amount of Quality Canadian DT