Ricky Foley

He's made my day today! Don't get me wrong, I'd hate to see him do this against my team and it's unfortunate that Glenn got hurt, but seeing him mocking and getting under the skin of the Ticats has made my day. The Ticats have some of the cockiest players in the league so seeing them get a taste of their own medicine sits well with me.

I say, let your actions on the field do the talking for you and leave the childish insults on the sidelines.

Hey, if you can get in the other team's head and hurt their performance as a result, then all the power to you I say.

I thought Glenn was playing fine, I don't think Foley was in his head at all.

And the Argo's have some of the biggest tools in the league, just ask Belli and Murphy.

PS, your boys aren't exactly suttle little angels either.I don't think i've ever seen ANY of them not celebrating or running their mouths at one point or another, Chad Owens for one never closes his mouth.And when Bruce dropped a TD pass in todays game Foley walked up to him and mocked him by doing his star pose.Nice sportsmanlike conduct, also quite a few cheap shots by the Argo's in there.Oh, also nice on Ricky Foley having a sure sack and then purposely trying to injure Glenn.Even better that he succeeded and nothing was called.And I found it cool how one of your Argo's smashed Wilbur just after the ball left his foot and there was no roughing the kicker call.Instead of first and 10 Ticats it's first and 10 Argo's and they get 3 out of it.No team's perfect, so don't strut your stuff like the argo's are the most innocent and angelic team in the league.

Guess you've never heard of Belli, Murphy, and Shell. C'mon man.

Tools that get the job done! :slight_smile:

Successful troll was successful. Trash talk is part of the game. Professional behavior? Not really but its still legal up to a point. No team can say their players don't do it, all teams are guilty. Some just make it more obvious than others.

True dat :slight_smile:
While I don't like the Argo's, they've laid a blueprint for the Tabbies on what brilliant HCing can do.And what type of RB you need.Now whether we make those improvements or not is another story.At the very least Mike Gibson,DeAndra Cobb and Bo Smith have to go.

...Foley played a helluva game...Glenn does come across as kinda of a whiner sometimes ...Foley just played it up and having watched Glenn perform for a number of years (ahem) I know he got under his skin...Hey ..if you buy into a guys trashtalk....he's got ya... :wink: