Ricky Foley signs with Lions

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#BCLions agree to terms with defensive end @Foley4Real ? ?

[i]Is this a joke?! Foley is WAY past his best before date!

BC must be absolutely desperate for national lineman.

Oh well. Maybe his brother area51 will come back to the forum and amuse us. :)[/i]

Glad to see him back. Wish it was with the Argos, as we’re missing some guys on defense right now.

Or the riders, lord knows we could use him, wally's no dummy

Looking forward to seeing Foley back with the Lions. I think he still has good life left in his career.

News update for ya Johnny , our old friend A-51 is presently back ANNOYING everybody that will listen to him on Riderfan . ;D
Apparently he's been banned around 100 times over there BUT for some strange reason they keep allowing him to come back.

OUCH!!! But good 3rd string back up for ZERO $$$$$

Good luck to him, but with us the last two years he was not a factor and was done.